Find a Marriage Counselor and Learn About Marriage Counseling

Find a Marriage Counselor and Learn About Marriage Counseling

The marriage counseling is always available to help people who consider separating from each other in their relationships or to seek a better familiarity and understanding because it always focuses on relationships. However, each partner should focus on self-improvement and self-confidence as it is the main thing to do in any relationship.

The History of the Couples Counseling

In the 1930s, counseling relationship was known as marriage counseling and reserved for married or engaged people in the United States when it was in its beginnings. It was responsible for teaching those families and colleagues about marriage who were seldom seen together. The area was transformed with the emergence of family therapy and increased divorce rates in the sixties and seventies. The joint therapy has become the standard and develops modern couple counseling and was heavily influenced by families. The pioneers of family therapy, like Virginia Satir and Murray Bowen, helped a lot to shape the profession.

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Find a Marriage Counselor and Learn About Marriage Counseling

At present, there are a variety of different approaches to consulting relationships. But the 3 most common are discussed below:

1- The Imago Relationship Therapy 
It examines how unconsciously we choose partners who reflect things that could benefit by working on ourselves.
2- Emotionally Focused Therapy
It encourages colleagues/partners to study how the modes of communication are presented in the interactions.
3- Therapy from Internal Family Systems (IFS)
In IFS, people can learn to heal the trauma and find a balance of their various parts to recognize that some parts are hyperactive and can be ignored. These parts assume responsibility for their responses in emotions. In this way, partners can better understand each other and the trends that develop in their relationship.

When Is the Couples Counseling Recommended?

The recommendation of counseling would be only when dissatisfaction develops in relationships. People in relationships seek advice/counseling for many reasons, such as,
- Communication problems
- Sexual dissatisfaction
- Infidelity (Unfaithfulness In Marriage)

Studies show that the partners do not seek treatment until they have been unhappy for an average of 6 years. However, the more time spent, the more difficult it is to restore the relationship. In some cases, a couple who has decided to separate from each other may also need therapy so they can end the relationship in a friendly and respectful manner. Advice is often recommended for couples prepared for marriage. Typically, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists) offer premarital counseling to marriage couple who wish to explore the conflict areas or difficulties that can lead to dissatisfaction in marriage. Premarital counseling may reveal many problems through couple discussion and couples can discuss disagreements, values , and expectations of the personal wedding which can be beneficial because it allows couples to know if they are truly compatible with each other before marriage or not. John Gottman, who has collected data from decades of marriage and relationships, has identified the lack of adequate compensation after a dispute as for the greatest contribution to family disaster and divorce. The counselors know that one of the first steps to improving a relationship is to teach everyone how to regulate their emotions, to remain calm and use the health skills to solve old and new communication problems, and many couples have skills of communication.

Goals and Expectations

Successful therapy depends on the motivation and commitment of each couple in the process and couples can expect to be better listeners and communicators as well as find new ways to help each other. The goals are determined by the couple under the guidance of the therapist, and in order to achieve these goals, each partner must be ready to recognize and understand their role in the relationship. Often there are conflicts in the therapy sessions, but the ethical therapists are trying to stay neutral and avoid taking sides of one individual. Some relationship counselors offer additional individual sessions for each partner as self-evident, and some may offer individual sessions on request. Therapists who specialize in counseling relationships are likely to have a therapist license (MFT) of family and marriage.

Frequency, Duration, and Efficiency

Relationship counseling is often done once a week, but this may vary depending on the goals of the therapy. You can sessions of single or group therapy and some relationship counselors offer additional individual sessions for each partner as self-evident, and some may offer individual sessions on request. Couples and licensing are offered in a variety of settings, including private practice, university counseling, and group practices. It is usually short but healing takes time, and eventually the therapy will continue as long as the couple is committed to dissolution.

Research that assessed changes in marital satisfaction after treatment showed that about 48% of couples showed improvement. The deterioration of the relationship led to 38% of the couples and the couple remained unchanged was about 14%.

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