funny advice for the bride and groom

funny advice for the bride and groom

Are you about to get married? How can you forget to counsel a marriage consultant? Go for "marriage counseling near me" you and secure the doubtful aspects of your relationship. Besides, we will be pleased to facilitate you in the way you want. We assure you a complete set of information and useful counseling about each and every relevant perspective of marriage.

Marriage is not about everything serious but there is also a humorous perspective that is usually hidden. There is a lot for you to initiate a strong relationship peacefully and confidently.

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funny advice for the bride and groom

Funny roles of marriage consultants

Marriage consultants know about marriage related issues and therefore they can guide you better than anyone else. They understand the newly-wed conditions, the moods of newlyweds, their childish fights, huge laughter and intense love. They know the cute aspects of life in the newlywed stage and are able to transform your being from a silly girl to a lovely bride.

Funny marriage issues to discuss

Do not hesitate to discuss any sort of issue because you will be provided with an open opportunity to discuss whatever you want to discuss. It can be the importance of your beauty to your husband, your kitchen schedule, choice of your dresses and makeup, and acceptable complements that you can pass to your spouse.

Few typical funny advice for brides

  • Do not worry about your beauty; it is not a worthy thing to care about. Your beauty will fade away by the time and what about his eyesight? Definitely, it will get weak as well. So what is to worry about? Enjoy it in the days of bright vision.
  • Generally, girls like to look always great in front of their husbands. According to this desire, they must have to look the same as they were looking on their wedding day. That is not possible, so do not be so crazy about it.
  • You think life is the name of giving and take policy. But this policy is also applicable to marriage. Yes, I am saying about giving some food to your husband and demand time for you in return. 
  • If you like to make him quite for a while, do not try to use silly tricks. You need some leisure time devoid of your husband’s interruptions, so turn on the television and let him watch his favorite show while you’re having your leisure time comfortably.
  • Before marriage, you used to dress according to your taste. But now you have to dress up according to your husband’s taste. The advice is such that while the two of you go for shopping, grab your favorite dress and decently ask him “Since your choice is so good, you must be liking this outfit, I bet”.
  • If you like to have some work done by your husband, do not request him to do that task. Simply say him that he is too old to do this. And your desired work will be done within no time.
  • Never ask silly questions like; am I looking too fat? Do you think my friend is pretty? , and stuff like that. Rather, say “I know I’m smart as well as beautiful’’.

Benefits of funny marriage advice for the bride:
You will enjoy a better understanding of thick and thins of marriage. Only the serious dimension is not necessary to understand, rather a serious look on the humorous angle is also crucial. To understand the feelings, emotions, and expectations of your husband you need to have a deep psychological awareness about patterns of a man’s behavior as a husband.

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