Agape Marriage Counseling

agape marriage counseling

If you and your spouse are in need of a little help to get out of a rut, you may want to consider pursuing a session with a Christian therapist. This article will address topics such as overcoming conflict, finding a Christian therapist, and forgiving your spouse. It also discusses the advantages of marriage counseling. This is a great way to improve your relationship and heal after the breakup.

Dealing with conflict

In a Christian perspective, dealing with conflict is a good thing. It gives the marriage a fresh start, and can serve as an impetus to move forward. However, it is important to realize that conflict in marriages is common, and many unbelievers have difficulty dealing with it. This is not surprising, since unbelievers do not have the capacity to love with an unconditional heart. However, Christians have a wealth of biblical guidance on how to handle conflict. By applying these principles, couples can begin to avoid the common pitfalls of conflict and achieve better results in their marriages.

First, couples should determine which person caused the conflict. They should be honest and sincere in their confessions. This can prevent a tense environment wherein one spouse is more likely to be irritable than the other. It is also important to remember that conflict can be avoided if both spouses are willing to work through their differences honestly. As Jesus once said, “the fastest way to resolve conflict is to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

The goal of conflict resolution in agape marriage counseling is not to win an argument, but to learn to deal with it in a healthy manner. It is important for both parties to understand that the goal of this process is not to win the argument but to resolve conflict in an amicable and respectful manner. As a result, couples must develop the ability to listen to each other and learn to see the other’s perspective.

Oftentimes, a time out will bring clarity to the problem. Taking time to discuss anger management before an argument is a good idea. Taking a moment to decompress yourself is essential. If you want to prevent an argument, use tact and timing to express your thoughts. Try to remember that the first step is to understand the other’s perspective and the reasons for it. In agape marriage counseling, couples should discuss how their anger is manifested.

Forgiving your spouse

Forgiveness is the first step to healing. It releases the victim from the pain and resentment he or she feels. While it does not erase the past, forgiveness frees both the victim and the offending party from debt and allows them to move forward into a better future. It is important to understand your spouse’s character and personality. If you are harboring anger, bitterness, and resentment against your partner, you may find it hard to forgive.

While forgiveness is not the answer to every marital misunderstanding, it is essential to avoid becoming bitter and hard-hearted. Without forgiveness, we lose our connection to God and to others. And while holding on to hurts can be painful, they can cause other problems. Anger, stress, and resentment can cause many health problems, and they can lead to depression, anxiety, and even physical ailments. However, forgiveness allows us to let go of our feelings of resentment and anger and makes it possible to reduce the risk of these ailments.

The first step to forgiveness is choosing to love your spouse unconditionally. Choose to show kindness and patience, and release justice to God. In doing so, you show your spouse that you forgive them and that you are willing to work towards reconciliation. Even if you’ve been angry with your spouse, it is important to communicate with them. When you forgive your spouse, it is vital to make sure you talk to them and find out what went wrong. Jesus taught us to forgive each other from our hearts and not from a petty argument.

When you feel like you’re going to be angry with your partner, you must avoid letting your anger get the best of you. Despite how hard it may feel, your partner may still use the betrayal as a springboard to deeper intimacy. In order to forgive your spouse, you need to create a space of emotional healing and allow new life to take root. By using the REACH steps to forgive your spouse, you’ll find the path to forgiveness that you need to get through your marriage.

Finding a Christian-based therapist

Many people appreciate working with a therapist who has similar religious beliefs. Although licensed mental health professionals can’t discriminate against anyone based on their religion, they can’t impose their beliefs on their clients. Many Christian counselors are willing to provide their services to non-Christians. Prices for these services vary widely and depend on the counselor’s experience, level of training, and location.

If your marriage is experiencing some difficulties, you may want to try seeking out a therapist who is Christian-based. There are a number of Christian-based counseling services in the Greenville area. Many of them offer individual counseling and marriage counseling. Some even offer affordable services based on your income level. However, finding a Christian-based therapist is best left to professionals who are trained in marriage counseling.

Agape Christian Counseling has a diverse array of services. Its staff includes William F. Hayes, Vincent Costa, Zoi Saliga, and Kaitlyn R. Fraser. They also offer workshops and seminars that are tailored to their clients’ needs. These professionals have a passion for serving the LGBTQ+ community, and a wealth of experience. They specialize in marriage counseling, family counseling, and couples therapy.

If you’re considering seeking out marriage counseling, it’s crucial to find a Christian-based therapist. A good example is Agape’s Standard Fee. This fee is a little higher than most traditional therapists, but you can still expect to save a lot of money. It’s important to note, however, that most Agape therapists have a higher rate than most therapists.


The cost of a single session at Agape Marriage Counseling is around $40. It is important to remember that a counselor will meet with you for an hour, so there will be a difference in the amount of time spent each week. If you and your spouse have a problem with communication or have trouble relating with each other, counseling can help you get back on track. Agape’s services are available online and by phone. You can even text and relay chat with your counselor. The cost is much lower than a traditional face-to-face session, with most counseling sessions ranging from forty to seventy dollars a week.

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