Are You Living In An Unhappy Marriage? Find Out How A Relationship Therapist Can Help!

Are you in an unhappy marriage? Are you afraid that your unhappiness is going to come to a head one day and bring the two of you down together? Have you asked yourself “Am I really happy together?” If so, I am happy for you, but it won’t last long. The art of happiness is all about making the time for it.

There are many marriages that don’t last, but there are also many happy marriages that are just failing. Constant harsh criticism is a sign that negative feelings of resentment and love for each other aren’t replacing feelings of passion and desire for one another. Another indication of an unhappy marriage is sometimes a lack of sex, or when you do have sexual contact it is usually not all that great. If your relationship seems to be getting away from you, there might be a few reasons for it.

It’s sad but true that many marriages are built on “one-on-one” experiences. When a couple makes love, this is often the only time they get to be alone together. This alone time can be one of the most powerful experiences for the spouses involved, because it allows them to bond with each other. Unfortunately, sometimes one-on-one isn’t all that great, or your spouse just isn’t interested in connecting with you on a personal level.

One reason that one-on-one experiences might be less than ideal is that both partners feel disconnected from their partner emotionally. They may be feeling distant from them as they are in different rooms, or they may be spending time at their office during the day and simply missing their spouse when they are with them. This could also be a direct result of the one-on-one scenario. The couple may be so accustomed to spending time together, that when they are apart, they feel lonely, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied. If you’re not experiencing any less intimate time with your partner than you were previously, the lack of intimacy may be directly related to what is lacking in your marriage.

You don’t have to wait until you start feeling like your spouse isn’t attracted to you before you realize how much they truly do miss you. Many times this is a direct result of a lack of communication between the two of you. No matter how much you talk to your spouse about the other man/woman in their life, if they are spending their time with someone else, it can still feel like your spouse is spending their time with no one. It may feel like they aren’t showing any interest in you and are more or less withdrawing as a result. Having a talk with your spouse about this new situation will definitely get them back on track with you.

When trying to save your unhappy marriages, the last thing you should do is take matters into your own hands. Even though your relationship is suffering, you still need to remain strong for your partner. A professional relationship counselor would be able to help you with this as well as many other areas in your relationship, which means that even if your marriage seems bleak, you should always seek out a relationship therapist in order to work through your problems. The relationship counselor may be able to provide you with the guidance and understanding you need in order to overcome this problem and put your marriage back on track.