Arizona Covenant Marriage Law – What Are the Benefits of Arizona Covenant Marriages?

If you are looking for information about what is a typical Covenants marriage, you will find below a short discussion about what is commonly called a “covenant’s marriage.” A covenant marriage is a legal separate type of marriage in all three states of the United States, where the married partners agree to seek pre-nuptial counseling before getting married and also agree to accept less than full legal rights to their spouse in the case of divorce. Typically, a marriage will be set up under these conditions by a “written contract” that includes the state, the church and the wedding party. This is referred to as a “Covenant of marriage.” This type of marriage typically takes place in small communities or within the family.

As a point of fact, many couples choose covenant marriage simply because it is cheaper than the alternative, which is no legal protection for the rights of one or both parties in the event of a divorce, which could easily result from no written agreement. A divorce in most cases does not involve any court proceedings at all. There is usually no need to have children and so the couple chooses not to get any legal protections for themselves. That is why many couples who enter into this sort of arrangement do not end up having to choose covenant marriage later on.

In addition, there are other benefits to entering into a covenant marriage rather than a more traditional marriage. In the case of traditional marriages, the bride and groom typically give their children custody right over their own lives with little or no parental or legal intervention by way of a lawyer or the courts. In a more secular society, the parents do have some influence over their children’s lives but very little. This means that a child can end up spending his entire life without the guidance of his or her parents. When one of the spouses decides to get a divorce, the other spouse’s parental rights can be terminated and there will be no chance for intervention by way of a lawyer or court.

Another advantage to getting married in the form of a covenant is that the spouses are able to save money by not having to pay the customary fees that accompany a marriage license application. These fees can amount to thousands of dollars and so it would be a huge financial advantage for two people who are getting married to get married in this manner. It is also fairly easy to get married in a state other than your own in some of these states since there is no filing of marital papers. In short, getting married in a different state may actually cost less in legal fees than getting married in the state where you were born.

Finally, some couples who are considering getting married in the form of a covenant might want to consider obtaining some information and counseling before they get married. Many of these couples go into the marriage believing that they are proceeding as one unit and then discover that there are some issues that are not going their way. By obtaining the information and guidance that are necessary before they get married, these couples can avoid some costly mistakes and thus make an even smoother transition into their marriage. They will have much more confidence in their abilities once they have completed the premarital counseling.

As you can see, there are some real benefits associated with Arizona covenant marriages. Although these marriages do have some pros and cons, it is important to note that these only come after you have taken the time to evaluate them. For many couples, the cost savings associated with the divorce process and the waiting time associated with Arizona divorce laws make it a much more attractive option when compared to a traditional divorce. Couples who choose to get married in the form of a covenant often find that they live closer together and are better able to care for each other after the wedding.

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