Becoming a Certified Christian Marriage and Family Counselor

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Marriage and Family Counseling, program was established by Dr. Robert Jeffress. The program is no longer accepting new applications. Past courses in Clinical Christian Counseling and Christian Marriage and Family Counseling prepare students to attend to the complex mental health issues of individuals while also addressing the practical issues that affect family life. Students can expect to work one-on-one with professionals who are trained and experienced in addressing these types of concerns.

The program provides students the knowledge and understanding necessary to assist couples in creating an enduring marriage and the ability to help their own families. This involves the application of psychological insights from several disciplines. A major component of this course is the internship program, which gives students the opportunity to work directly with a practicing therapist in a one-on-one setting. This internship consists of three internships: a session as a therapist with clients in their own home, an internship in a psychotherapy clinic and a post-internship in a counseling office. Each of these internships requires a different amount of work, but all prepare students for their professional future.

The internship is an extremely valuable part of the doctorate program, since it allows students to have the opportunity to work directly with a practicing therapist under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist. In addition, the internship is a great way to begin building a practice, since this is the time when you will be making contact with other professionals in the field and to gain experience working with others. Many graduates choose to continue their education in a graduate degree program of counseling or a similar field, while many choose to continue their schooling by taking more classes and learning even more about marriage and family therapy. There are a number of very good programs located across the country, so if you’re interested in working towards a PhD in Christian Marriage and Family Therapy, you’ll likely find an excellent program right on your doorstep.

The post internship portion of the doctorate program is comprised of one course that involves both clinical study and written coursework. This part of the program is essential for all candidates, since it gives students the chance to put all of their theoretical knowledge into practice and to develop the skills they will need to apply it to real situations. During this course, students will also be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gained during their internship to a number of real life situations. This can help prepare students for a career as a marriage and family therapist, since the knowledge they gain can be applied to a wide variety of situations.

All students who successfully complete this two-year degree program will receive a certificate. It will give them the necessary credentials to enter practicing in either a clinical setting or a counseling setting. Many people who want to become a Christian marriage and family counselors will attend and pass the certified marriage and family counseling examination. When these exams are passed by individuals, they are required to take a certification test to be sure they are qualified to practice. Once the certification test is passed, they can begin practicing legally in either a church setting or privately.

If you are interested in becoming a Christian marriage and family counselor, you should be prepared for both the classroom component and the clinical part of the training. You will need to take both courses before you can begin to practice legally. Some students choose to continue their schooling while working on their degrees, while others choose to finish the degree process on their own time. Those who are able to schedule the time to work toward their degrees will likely be happier with the outcome and have more confidence in themselves. For those who need additional support, it might be helpful to speak with a professional counseling advisor who can provide you with guidance in this area.

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