Building Healthy Relationships – The Importance of Shared Values

A healthy marriage relationship is supposed to be founded on an emotional bond which results in fun and happiness moments for both partners. While everyone has a different idea of what a healthy marriage consists of, there are typically universal traits which determine if a healthy marriage exists. Healthy marriage relationships provide equal sharing of responsibilities. Both partners share in the making of decisions as well as in financial matters. The married couple has equal rights in family matters and religious beliefs.

Emotional intimacy is also considered to be an essential part of a healthy marriage relationship. The term, “emotional intimacy” could be defined as “the emotional, mental and personal bonding with another person”. As one example, consider two people who have never met; one has recently broken up with his/her partner while the other is happily married. How does the broken up individual and his/her spouse interact and build a healthy relationship? Is there equal sharing of responsibilities and enjoyment?

Another vital ingredient for a healthy marriage relationship is trust. In fact, trust is considered to be the most important ingredient of any relationship. Without trust, it can be difficult to build a trusting relationship. The married couple needs to trust each other in matters relating to their children and marriage. Trust is crucial between friends and family as well, but when it comes to a married couple it is even more important.

Lack of trust can cause problems such as hurt feelings, anger, depression and anxiety. When lack of trust exists, problems such as: communication breakdowns, conflicts, unfaithfulness, cheating and separation can result. A healthy marriage relationship is based on shared values and a higher level of communication. Values shared by both partners play an important role in the success of the marriage.

A healthy marriage relationship can be built on a few basic principles. To begin with, respect is essential. If you are the least bit selfish, you cannot expect to have a healthy marriage. A healthy and fulfilling marriage is based on giving and receiving equal shares rather than one person taking advantage of the other. In a healthy relationship both partners are equally satisfied with what they get out of it.

The next step towards building a healthy marriage relationship is to ensure that each person has their own space. This is so important because if two people feel free to love, learn, share and be without barriers, they will be happy and satisfied with their relationships. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it is important to trust each other. If you are not able to trust your partner, how can you expect to share anything in your life?

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