Can Marriage Counseling Save A Marriage?

If you are in the midst of a troubled marriage, can marriage counseling save a marriage? This is a question that has been on many people’s minds recently and it is very common. A recent study completed by the General Accounting Office showed that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce due to problems. It seems that every time there is bad news for a marriage, people will want to know “can marriage counseling actually save a marriage?”

It would seem that marriage counseling is one of the best ways to save a marriage. Many couples go through counseling together before they make the actual commitment to commit to each other in marriage. As such, couples who have already gone through this type of counseling tend to become much more familiar with the process and are less likely to panic if the inevitable happens. Most couples can tell when they have reached the point where counseling may be helpful. If you and your partner are at this point in your marriage, it is important that you realize the most important factor in saving your marriage is your communication.

Too often, couples who go to marriage counseling will try to solve their problem through different channels, such as their family doctor or a quick fix marriage book. Unfortunately, these do not work because marriage counselors understand how each of you feels. They can give you tools to help you strengthen your inner bond with each other. Sometimes just talking with a third person can help a person find new insight into his or her marriage. This alone can sometimes be all it takes to save your marriage.

The only way that marriage counseling works for you is if you trust your spouse. There is no one on the planet who is 100% perfect, so no one is perfect, either. If your spouse did something that made you angry, you are the one who has to be more accountable for your actions. In order for marriage counseling to be effective, both partners must be willing to be open and honest about the problems in their marriage. You cannot put the blame on one another during counseling, but you must take responsibility for your actions. This is very important, especially if your spouse believes you are being dishonest or manipulative.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, people are less willing to be honest when they disagree, and it has become easier for marital problems to slide into verbal attacks and name-calling. Therefore, your marriage counseling sessions might not be quite as fruitful as you would like them to be. If the two of you are constantly fighting, it might be time to see a marriage counselor. You might discover that you can resolve some issues between yourselves without counseling, and the two of you can go back to living and loving together.

However, if your spouse is adamant that he or she wants out of the marriage, then counseling may be the answer. In fact, you have to be prepared for the worst outcome when you try to save your marriage with this method. Unless both of you are willing to give up on the relationship completely, your marriage counseling session should be successful. If either partner does not want to change, then the marriage counseling will be a waste of time and money.

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