Catholic Charities – Donating to Charity

When you think of Catholic charities do you imagine miserly people handing out candy or charity mugs with a donation note in it? The image that comes to mind is of a middle aged couple trying to get through a particularly sticky wedding planning with their good friends and family members. But that is far from the reality. In fact it is quite the opposite. A lot of Catholic couples have found that a marriage counseling program at a Catholic charity has turned their dreams into reality.

How did it happen? I will give you one quick example of the type of help that I am talking about. A friend of mine was married in a catholic church many years ago. Their reception was at the home of a very close friend of the bride. Her mother was the maid of honor and the event turned out to be a real joyous occasion for everyone.

When they presented the cake and the nice china to the family it just about made me weak. A year later they were getting married again but this time around the bride’s mother had insisted on a Catholic themed wedding. This time around the reception was to be held at a local museum with the bands and flowers representing the Catholic faith and vows recited by a member of the clergy. This way even the penny-pincher didn’t ignore how much effort goes into charity work.

What lessons can we learn from this? There are two lessons to take from this, the first is that catholic charities are not all about giving money away. In some ways they are much more interested in the volunteer work that they do. A prime example of this would be the work done by homeless shelters, they have volunteers who spend their days cleaning up streets, delivering meals, cleaning the homes of people who are homeless or simply trying to find a job.

The other lesson to learn from this is that when planning a charity fundraiser you should always think about the person who will receive the funds. Is their situation going to improve if I give them a thousand dollars? What about two hundred? The answer is always “Yes” or “That’ll be great”.

If you want to plan a good charity fundraising campaign you should always keep this thing in mind. You should think about the needs of the donor and their relationship to your organization. This will make sure that you don’t take any unnecessary risks that might hurt your cause. After all, charity work isn’t always a walk in the park.