Choosing a Marriage Counselor

Marriage counseling in Chambersburg PA can be found easily through the Internet, your local phone book and other various sources. Many times we come across couples who are desperate to save their marriage and are willing to try almost anything to achieve their goal. As a therapist who works with these couples, I have observed that sometimes the most common issue that couples face is lack of communication. I have seen many cases where the issue is one of an ineffective dialogue between husband and wife. This is usually a symptom of lack of trust or deep rooted resentment.

The first thing you need to do as a therapist working with these couples is gain their trust and convince them that you and they have much to offer each other. A big part of marriage counseling involves the development of trust and it is very important for spouses to build on these foundations. Many times therapists have to go beyond the normal scope of their practice and adopt an “us against them” mentality when dealing with angry or frustrated clients. While anger and resentment are very common emotions in marriage, you must remember that in some cases they may have arisen due to misunderstandings and/or a lack of communication.

To illustrate a point, let’s say you attend marriage therapy workshop with two other colleagues. One of the partners has experienced an ugly breakup and is now miserable, while the other partner seems happy and contented. If this second partner did not receive professional assistance they would probably go about trying to repair their relationship on their own, without the emotional support of the other partner. The second partner would have a more beneficial approach as they would understand that their happiness depended on the success of the other partner. While therapists working with these couples would certainly try to help everyone, they are also very skilled at helping those individuals who have already suffered the ultimate blow of failed relationships.

It is best to use resources such as online directories when researching your potential providers. This should free you from many of the common errors committed by people in their search for marriage counselors. As an example, there are several online providers who charge hundreds of dollars per hour. It is vital to understand that you will only be paying for the hours your potential therapist spends with your marriage family. Not every hour will be devoted to your specific marriage problem and it is important that you select a marriage counselor who is committed to your marriage.

The next step in selecting the right counselor is to ensure that you choose a marriage counseling program that matches your specific needs. A large majority of the marriage counseling programs in the area are either generic or specifically designed for those struggling with certain personality issues. If you have a young child, these family therapists can provide child support or alternative dispute resolution techniques. If you are going through a recent divorce or relationship turmoil, these therapists can offer you intensive one-on-one counseling sessions. Some of the less expensive marriage counseling programs may offer basic individual counseling or a combination of support group/support group therapy.

There are also many private providers of marriage counseling in the area of Adirondack rentals located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Many of these individuals are board certified marriage counselors who have received specialized training in working with couples in various types of difficulties. Many couples are able to resolve their marriage problems with the help of these unique marriage counselors. If you have had a recent marriage crisis and would like to explore your options, contact any of the several experienced professionals listed above to schedule an appointment.