Christian Marriage Counseling

If you’re looking for help with a difficult marriage, you should definitely consider talking to a Christian marriage counselor. Many Christian couples have difficulty getting their marriage back on track and need someone who can help them overcome obstacles. A counselor will offer you advice that is based on Biblical principles. Counselors also use tools and techniques similar to other marriage counselors. However, they are much more limited in their scope since they follow the teachings of the Bible.

One of the most important factors in a successful marriage is intimacy. In a Christian marriage, intimacy means sharing your love for one another. Some couples go through a lot of issues while in marriage because of the lack of intimacy. When intimacy suffers, it’s hard to have patience for one another and communication breaks down.

A good Christian counseling program focuses on the three pillars of the Christian faith: God, marriage and death. Theology and psychology play an important role in the counseling process. Theology is the basis of all of the counseling and involves a deep understanding of what the Bible says about marriage and the reason for having marriage. Psychology is used to help understand why some things happen in a person’s life and how to deal with those things that may occur.

You should seek only qualified Christian marriage counseling if you plan to use tools and techniques from this type of program. There are many programs out there that do not come highly recommended, and if you want to avoid a lot of heartache, you should take the time to research the ones that do. It’s important to note that a bad therapist or program is just as bad as a secular therapy that doesn’t work. It’s better to put your trust with qualified professionals.

Many people think that a Christian marriage counseling program is able to save marriages that have already fallen apart. Unfortunately, the statistics show that less than 10% of these programs actually work. More likely than not, these programs fail because of a lack of effective communication between both partners. The communication needs to be open and honest during counseling sessions and at home. Too many times, one partner may withhold information and refuse to admit when things aren’t going well. This leads to frustration on both sides and an inability to resolve conflicts.

A qualified counselor should also offer a Holy Spirit component to the marriage problem solving sessions. Spiritual elements of counseling are important to couples who are struggling. The Holy Spirit helps to encourage the spouses to talk more openly about their marital problems and they can draw upon the power of the Lord when talking to each other. When the couple has a couple therapist who is skilled in the Holy Spirit-based Christian marriage counseling, the chances of them having successful results increase.

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