Christian Marriage Counseling

christian marriage counseling kansas city

There are several ways to seek Christian marriage counseling in Kansas City. There are numerous Christian counselors and therapists in the area. You can also look for an intensive program to help you and your spouse regain your love. Christian marriage counseling in Kansas City is an excellent option for you if your marriage has been struggling.

Mark Glover

If you’re looking for Christian marriage counseling in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. Mark Glover, a clinical psychologist in Hutchinson, KS, offers a variety of services. Whether you’re looking for couples’ therapy, premarital counseling, or divorce counseling, Mark can help you. As a licensed therapist, he accepts multiple insurance plans.


A number of Kansas City, MO, churches offer Christian marriage counseling. These counselors use biblical principles to guide counseling sessions. A certified Christian counselor will be able to respect the beliefs and spiritual walk of each client. They will also strive to uphold the values and principles of the Christian faith.

A counselor at a Kansas City Christian church will have a strong belief in the power of prayer and Christian principles to help couples achieve healing. In addition, the counselors at these churches are trained in the best evidence-based therapy practices. Moreover, they are not afraid to tell their clients about their personal beliefs.

Lifeline Christian Counseling Center

If you are looking for Christian marriage counseling in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. The lifeline Christian counseling center was founded in 1991 as part of the Indian Creek Community Church in Olathe, Kansas. In February 2010, it was acquired by Christian Family Services. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit counseling center offers both Christian counseling and marriage counseling services.

Restored marriage intensives

Restored marriage intensives are a Christian marriage counseling experience. Designed for couples who are in crisis, suffering from years of relationship decay or disconnection, these sessions focus on strengthening communication and reconnecting. Unlike traditional marriage counseling, these sessions are led by individuals who have lived through a variety of marriage problems and are ready to share their own experiences and techniques to help couples rediscover the love they once had.

There are also marriage retreats. Many of these retreats are privately held and geared toward preventing divorce. Christian marriage retreats can help couples find ways to improve their relationships without engaging in painful arguments. They are also great for helping partners empathize and learn from one another.

Licensed professional counselor

If you are searching for a Christian marriage counselor in Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll want to select one with a Master’s degree in counseling. These counselors are well-versed in biblical principles, and will strive to respect your spiritual walk and values. This type of counseling is more affordable than traditional therapy.

The MyCounselor Kansas City, MO Christian Counseling team provides a faith-based, Christian counseling experience. Our counselors love Jesus and the Bible, and are trained in evidence-based counseling practices. While we respect other faiths, we are adamant about our beliefs. During therapy, we always make sure to disclose our worldview and respect the beliefs of our clients.

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