Christian Marriage Counseling – Wichita, Kansas

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If you are in need of Christian marriage counseling in Wichita, Kansas, you have a few options. You can choose from Cana Counseling Center, Mosaic Mental Wellness, or Prairie View. Here are some things to consider about each counselor. They may not specialize in Christian marriage counseling but they can help you and your spouse work out the problems that are troubling you. The best Christian counselors in Wichita are those who have been practicing for over 20 years and have numerous certifications and Masters degrees in clinical social work.

Cana Counseling Center

If you’re looking for Christian marriage counseling in Wichita, you’ve come to the right place. Christian marriage counseling at Cana Counseling is an option that specializes in the spiritual and psychological aspects of marriage. Located downtown, this center has therapists who are well-trained and trained in a variety of languages. They provide compassionate support to their clients and help them find answers to their problems.

Kethlyn Ross, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Master of Science in Family Therapy from Friends University, is available to meet your needs. Her expertise includes working with couples, children and families struggling with various challenges. Her work with children and teens is rooted in compassion and non-judgment, and she enjoys working with people of all ages. In addition to her professional experience, Kethlyn is a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators. Ashley Ross, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, also has extensive training in helping individuals and families.

Mosaic Mental Wellness

If you’re struggling with your marriage, you’ve probably wondered how to fix it. Couples often find themselves in a crisis and seek help only when it is too late. Whether you’re looking for a safe space to discuss your issues or are in the midst of a relationship crisis, Mosaic Mental Wellness can help. Our licensed psychologists specialize in helping couples navigate difficult times and build healthier relationships.

Prairie View

If you’re considering getting therapy, you’ve likely heard that the cost of sessions can be a real barrier. While this may be true, there are many ways to reduce the cost of therapy, and you can still find a quality provider. One great way to find a quality, affordable provider is to check out GoodTherapy. The site will match you with a licensed therapist, and if they offer sliding scales or payment plans, you can inquire about those options as well.

Licensed therapists are often available in Prairie View. They have at least a master’s degree and are trained in traditional counseling techniques. Although they may have religious backgrounds, Prairie View Christian Marriage Counseling therapists uphold the values and beliefs of their clients. Because they have the same values as their clients, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best care possible. If you’d like to schedule an initial consultation, you’ll need to know your budget, and the length of time you need to go through the process.

Three licensed professionals practice at this Houston, Texas, office. Paul Ross, LPC, specializes in marriage counseling and men’s issues and uses a holistic approach to treat his clients. His wife, Natalie Ross, is a Certified Trauma Healing Facilitator and works with clients on creating integrated wellness journeys. Another licensed counselor, Jennifer Ross, is a graduate student at Walden University and specializes in children, adolescents, and families. Jennifer Ross works under Marc Dipoto, LPC.

Mark Glover

If you’re seeking Christian marriage counseling in Wichita, Kansas, you have come to the right place. Mark Glover, M.Div., is an experienced clinician with a background in church ministries and social services. He has worked with congregations, court systems, and individuals to address issues of substance abuse, marriage, family, and relationship issues. Mark has received extensive training in behavioral and cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused brief therapies, and family systems. In addition to his clinical training, Mark Glover has experience in congregational settings and provides clinical support to pastors and their clients.

To learn more about Mark Glover, you can check out his credentials and reviews. He’s a 35-year-old Christian counselor with more than 225 marriage records. He doesn’t have any criminal records. He is a member of the Christian Counseling Center of Wichita. You can contact him to make an appointment or view his online profile. Please note that Mark Glover is only available by appointment.