Communication in Marriage – The Importance of Real Communication

The importance of communication in marriage cannot be overstated. When two people enter into matrimony they have a bond based on communication. If you and your partner do not talk to each other it can be difficult for the both of you to build this bond. So how do you know if communication in marriage is important?

Communication in marriage occurs when you are open and honest with your partner about what is happening and how it is affecting you. It also occurs when you listen to what your partner has to say honestly and address it. The lack of communication in marriage can be devastating to your relationship because you and your partner start to take one another for granted. As a result there tends to be resentment, anger, stress and many other problems. But good communication is the only vehicle through which all of these other issues are played out on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to ensure good communication in marriage is for each spouse to consciously choose to communicate. A lot of times we assume that communication means that we talk to our spouse about everything and anything. But in fact talking is just one part of communication and if one spouse does not communicate then the other spouse will not be able to either. Therefore, it is very important for each spouse to choose to communicate.

Another way to ensure good communication in marriage when you do not speak to your spouse is to listen to what he/she has to say. You can do this by simply looking at him/her with a look of intensity and asking if he/she was able to convey his/her thoughts and feelings properly. If you find that your spouse is able to do this then you are on the right track and communication is on the right track. You just need to make sure though that you are not interrupting or talking over your spouse.

In the book of 2 Timothy, it says that one should not give a “hard time” to a spouse when you are having real communication. This means that you should be a fair companion and share your feelings and concerns with your spouse. It is also said that there should be no favoritism or double standards in communication. This simply means that both of you must speak and hear from each other and then deal with whatever is revealed.

Lastly, communication in marriage is actually creating the right atmosphere for communication in the future. The more married couples talk to each other the more they will become friends. Eventually, they will learn to trust each other and be able to share personal feelings with one another. When you feel that you can trust your spouse then you can share intimate details of your life. This will definitely create a happy atmosphere between you and your spouse because you are opening up to each other.

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