Does Intimacy In Marriage Really Works?

Intimacy isn’t just the physical closeness of a relationship with your partner – it’s also the emotional closeness, the sense of connection, the sense of trust, the security, and the quality time together you share as a couple. Intimacy isn’t an aim or a finish goal but instead a process that lasts throughout a marriage. Benefits of Intimacy in Marriage studies reveal several surprising facts about marriage and its positive effects.

A healthy marriage thrives on intimacy. The term is more commonly used now than ever before and indicates that familiarity plays a vital role in the health and happiness of marriages. People who have found a lasting relationship through marriage are those who are very close and have deep connections and sharing of personal space, emotional and physical intimacy, and are open to communicating and listening. Being present with each other and opening up to communication are two important components of intimacy in marriage.

For some people, intimacy is a relationship based on physical closeness only. This type of intimacy exists between couples who haven’t yet developed a trusting, respectful relationship and may not engage in physical intimacy. For these couples, emotional and physical intimacy comes naturally, but it’s important for the couple to realize that this type of intimacy does not replace the need for the necessary communication and respect for one another necessary to keep a marriage alive and thriving.

Another group of people who could benefit from intimacy in marriage couples who struggle with conflicts or lack of communication. When intimacy in marriage is neglected, both spouses often feel rejected or as if their needs aren’t important. Intimacy may occur, but it’s usually short-lived unless there is a serious problem that prevents spouses from spending time together. If one or both spouses are struggling with an unresolved conflict, it’s important to work through the issues together. It may be that they can’t resolve their differences by simply talking but understanding what’s causing the tension is important for both sides to learn how to move past it.

Finally, some people believe that sexual intimacy in marriage enhances the relationship. After all, sex is an activity that provides physiological and emotional satisfaction. Intimacy could enhance a relationship in which the husband provides the physical affection, while the wife provides the love, support, and comfort. Sexual intimacy has been shown to be a positive force in a healthy marriage, but it’s important for couples to realize that sex can’t replace the other important aspects of a relationship.

Just as many couples enter into marriage believing that sexual intimacy will be everything that they need, too many end up disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Intimacy in marriage shouldn’t be seen as a one-time event. It should become a regular part of the married life so that intimacy can grow and become a natural part of the relationship. When couples see that their sexuality is natural and grows with a partner instead of being forced, there’s a better chance that they’ll be able to develop a satisfying and lasting relationship. In order for this to happen, however, it’s critical for couples to make time for each other and take steps to build trust and compassion.