Dr Phil – An Icon of Counseling

Aired on OWN (Lifetime), Dr Phil is an American relationship and marriage specialist who is known for his insightful, humorous and engaging style of communication. Dr. Philip C. McGraw is a practicing psychologist and the foremost expert in marriage counseling. His show draws on his extensive experience in social science, sociology and psychology to address different marital issues of couples across cultures and time. Starting his career as the resident professional on the Oprah Winfrey show, Dr. Phil has continued to deal with very real and timely issues pertaining to marriage and family in his own sharp style.

The famous television personality and best-selling author, Dr. Phil has been hailed as a “megastle” and has received countless awards for his role as a marriage and relationship therapist. From his appearance on Oprah to his multiple radio talkshows, Dr Phil’s reputation in this field is unrivalled. He has also authored several well-received books on the subject. His bestselling bestseller, Save the Marriage, was made into a feature documentary by Spike Lee and went straight to the top of the DVD charts.

As a marriage and relationship therapist, Dr Phil has created several methods of helping couples and individuals improve their relationships. One of his most popular methods is the “EA”, or Electronic Family Therapy. This is a set of counseling sessions using video and audio technology. Using these modern methods, Dr. Phil helps couples identify their problems in a clear and concise manner. He helps them to communicate more effectively and develops new ways of handling conflict. By using the EA system, problems and conflicts are dealt with in a quicker and effective manner than most traditional methods.

Apart from his role as a relationship and marriage counselor, Dr. Phil is also a renowned author, speaker and magazine columnist. His first book, titled Marriage Breakup, launched after his marriage breakup with Lisa Kramer was a bestseller. The next instalment, Save the Marriage, was published just prior to the dissolution of his second marriage. His latest publication, Relationship Repair, was released in 2021 and was inspired by his own experiences and discoveries. His other books include; How Did We Get So messed Up? Learning From Lasting Love Spots; Think and Grow Rich – A New Book; and Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

In addition to the books that he has written, he is now involved in numerous television shows and specials. For example, he guest appeared on the popular Oprah show to discuss his book and relationship advice. On Top Gear, he makes special appearances to discuss issues affecting vehicle safety. In fact, he has even made a few guest appearances on The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show and 60 Minutes.

Clearly, Dr Phil’s counseling career is not just about helping couples and individuals to repair their relationship. He is truly an icon. His passion for helping others understand and overcome their relationship issues is evident in his desire to continue to help millions of people around the world. As long as his teaching career continues, so will his contributions to society. His legacy is one that is well worth preserving and passing on.