Finding Quality Long Island Marriage Counseling

Long Island marriage counseling can be the help many couples need to get their marriages back on track. Unfortunately, for every couple that makes use of it, three more will end up in divorce court. With so much at risk, you want to make sure that you choose a marriage counselor with both good credentials and lots of experience. Fortunately, you have many sources for this information. Consider some of the following recommendations and keep these things in mind when looking for the right counselor.

One of the best places to get help is your church. Most people already know of at least one church that offers this kind of counseling and most may even have received help from this same source in the past. If a couple is having problems, then their church might be a perfect place to find out about the resources available on the internet and in other venues as well.

Another place to look for help in your search for a qualified long island marriage counseling professional is the yellow pages of your telephone book. Yes, many people seem to think that a marriage counselor has to be a licensed therapist or psychologist in order to practice in this state. That is simply not the case. Just about any person who has a psychology degree or other related training can counsel couples. They just may not have a license. Check out any local phone book and you will find plenty of providers offering counseling to the public.

Of course, the Internet is another great resource for finding the right counselor for your needs. There are literally hundreds of web sites dedicated to offering qualified professionals advice on all sorts of marital problems. You can look up all kinds of criteria related to marriage counseling, including age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and so on. You can even sort through those by geographic location to see if there are some good providers in your area. As you search the Net, keep in mind that many of the better couples counseling services also offer some sort of pre-marriage counseling, so be sure that you check that feature as well.

Once you have found a couple of possible providers, make sure you meet with them in person to discuss your marriage and any other issues that you may be concerned with. Many couples counseling sessions are free of charge, but others are a little bit more pricey. Make sure that you get the best deal you can when it comes to long island couples counseling.

You should be able to find a suitable mediator, whether you are seeking a couple’s therapy session or a full on divorce and separation support group. The staff at any of the quality long island marriage counseling facilities are excellent and truly caring and empathetic. The Garden City, Rockville Centre and Sayulita beaches are all popular spots for divorce and separation facilities. Look into what options you have in your area before you start looking for the right mediator or counsellor to handle your issues.