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A quick perusal through Google will render any number of results for “free marriage counseling Greensboro NC”. The next question is: What do the counselors really offer? The Free Marriage Counseling Greensboro NC website claims to offer an “interdisciplinary” approach to marriage and family issues. This would include classes on “marital crisis interventions”, “complementary and alternative medicine”, “family systems theory and practice” and ” intersections of violence and religion”.

Another marriage counseling service offers free lessons in family dynamics at the Family Therapy Workshop. The workshop is taught by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, who is a practicing psychotherapist and family psychologist. According to the Greensboro News- Herald, Dr. Rolf presented a paper on “Solving the Family Crisis.” This same newspaper reports that he “also serves as a faculty advisor to the Marriage and Family Therapy clinic at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which has received national accreditation.” So this would appear to indicate that the Greensboro NC marriage and divorce courts have found a professional who actually practices within the state, and has received proper training from a university.

Beyond that information, though, there is much less about this marriage and family therapist. Her website contains a profile page that lists her professional qualifications, which are listed in alphabetical order by state. She is a licensed therapist with a master’s degree in Social Work, but the only credentials she gives are those earned by other non-religious accredited colleges. The “Christian marriage counseling Greensboro NC” website does not contain a religious endorsement by any name other than ” pastoral”. It is the author of that particular Christian marriage counseling course who is listed as the person responsible for the creation of this particular course.

As one might expect, the course is deficient in content. Not a single sentence mentions the reason why the Church calls upon married couples to enter into Christian marriage counseling, or the biblical texts that justify such counseling. Of course, the author might wish to draw people to his website who have a concern for the well-being of their spouse and family, but he does not provide sufficient intellectual content to serve this purpose. Again, the lack of content on the marriage and divorce website of a qualified professional who is practicing in Greensboro NC should raise questions as to his knowledge of these matters. It seems that while he is a qualified therapist, he lacks the proper intellectual foundation to offer sound Christian marriage counseling advice.

Finally, as many divorcees have discovered, the “gangs” of friends and relatives often have little concern for the well-being of the spouse or children involved in a troubled relationship. The Greensboro NC marriage and divorce courts seem to take little interest in the attitudes of these so-called “gangs”, even when those attitudes run against the advice given on free marriage counseling greensboro nc website. A married couple may become upset at the “gangs” if they are unable to agree on matters of domestic life. In such cases, the couple may choose to consult a marriage counselor who would be better equipped to guide them through this troubling issue. However, the simple fact remains that many of these so-called “angels” have little interest in helping a couple successfully solve marital problems.

The good news is that the author of this free marriage counseling Greensboro NC page has a solution for all divorces. His program, which can be downloaded from this website, will provide Christian marriage counseling services for one small monthly fee. This fee covers all of the materials found on the site and will ensure that those seeking information about how to make their marriages, and those who are in the process of saving their marriages, have an excellent chance of success. It’s hard to believe that someone with his “Christian tags” would provide such lousy advice. Sadly, however, it appears that Dr. Larry Winget does not understand the key components needed for a successful marriage counseling session.

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