Free Marriage Counseling Near Me

free marriage counseling near me

If you want to get help for your relationship, you can look for free marriage counseling near you. There are many ways to find these services. One of the most common is through a church. Many churches have a counseling ministry that offers individual and family therapy. Many of these churches offer marriage counseling for free. In addition, many of these services are also available for those without insurance.


While the national divorce rate has been on the decline for the past three decades, it still remains a reality for some couples. In New York City, for example, there are 1.8 divorces per thousand residents. If you are in this situation, it may be time to seek help. Relationship counseling services can help you rebuild your relationship and overcome obstacles. If you or your spouse is unhappy with your relationship, marriage counseling can help you make it better.

Love Nudge

The Love Nudge app is a new app that helps couples understand their love languages. It provides a quiz to identify which language is most important to their partner, then suggests ways to express that love through specific gestures. Couples can also set reminders and link their accounts to keep track of their progress over time.

The Love Nudge app is based on the theory that the way you communicate with your partner can influence how much you enjoy your relationship. It uses five major love languages to create a personalized journey for couples. The app also gives you the ability to create goals for your relationship based on the five different love languages. For example, you can set goals to make your partner feel special by cooking dinner, asking how their day is going, and watching a movie together.

You can download the app for free at the App Store or Google Play. The app is available in English and Spanish. The concept of Love Nudge is simple and has helped many couples achieve a healthier relationship. The free app allows couples to track their progress over time so that they can make a plan and take action for their relationship.

The Couples Health Check app can also help couples identify their relationship problems. The app provides audio recordings and prompts for couples to discuss what they need to improve in their relationships. It is not intended to replace professional marriage counseling, but it can be a great tool for working through issues on your own. The app includes free sessions, and users can subscribe to the premium version for additional sessions.


ReGain is a free online service that allows you to meet with a certified counselor in the comfort of your own home. The site lets you browse for therapists near you and select the criteria they should meet in order to match you with the right therapist. ReGain counselors can provide assistance with a wide range of issues including marriage, relationship, parenting, and LGBTQIA+ issues. The service is available to anyone, and there are counselors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by users, with more than 2,900 positive reviews on the Apple app store. Many users have said that the service has changed their lives for the better. Some users, however, have described the initial questionnaire as a “nightmare,” and reported long waits for their counselors to reply to messages.

ReGain offers free online marriage counseling to couples that can’t afford to go to a traditional marriage counseling facility. The sessions are short and can be held via video call or phone. Users are also provided with unlimited messaging with their therapist. However, ReGain is not in-network with any health insurance plan. However, they will provide a detailed receipt for reimbursement.

ReGain offers counseling services to couples across the US through its website. Registered and credentialed therapists work remotely via computer or smartphone, providing counseling to couples on a weekly basis. They also offer live video chat and phone sessions, so you can meet with your therapist in the comfort of your own home. The service also has a monthly subscription option, which costs between $60-90 per week.

Lasting: Marriage Health

Lasting is a digital platform that connects couples who are having trouble communicating. It has been designed by a practicing marriage counselor and is based on the Gottman approach, a psychological theory developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman over 40 years ago. This approach prioritizes attachment as a key defining factor of a relationship. It is designed to help couples overcome conflict and build a strong foundation for a happy marriage. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

When couples seek help early in the relationship, their chances of success are higher. If a couple waits until the relationship has already broken down, they may have already given up on their relationship and are unable to learn new ways of communicating. The longer the couple waits to seek help, the harder it is for therapists to teach them the skills they need to fix the relationship.

The most successful clients are those who attend each appointment, are willing to try new things, and are honest and open about their problems. During a session, couples can also assess their own behavior and identify conflict. This helps the counselor and the couple come up with a plan for improving their relationship.

Marriage counseling sessions are typically weekly or biweekly, and last approximately an hour. The length of marriage counseling depends on the specific issues couples are facing, but some couples may see results in as few as four sessions. Others may need many more.

ReGain therapy matching service

If you’re looking for free marriage counseling near me, you may be surprised to learn that there are several options. ReGain offers an online platform that matches you with a qualified therapist. You fill out a few questions about your relationship, issues, and your counselor preferences. Then, you can sign up for a session as a couple or as an individual. If you’d like to invite your partner to the session later, you can do so too.

The counselors featured on ReGain are all licensed professionals with Master’s or Doctoral degrees and a minimum of 1,000 hours of experience. Their training includes relationship counseling and couples therapy. Couples can also benefit from access to a private chat room. This feature allows them to interact with their therapist 24 hours a day.

ReGain also offers financial aid. It will reduce your monthly fees based on your current income, dependents, and demographic information. ReGain processes these applications immediately. ReGain also has a privacy policy that ensures the privacy of the client’s information.

ReGain’s online relationship counseling service allows couples to find a counselor within 48 hours. The system matches clients with therapists based on their preferences and needs. Individuals and couples can use ReGain to discuss their concerns, and therapists can respond to questions via text messages or video chat.

Power of Two

The Power of Two is a new approach to marriage counseling. It’s based on Skill Based Learning, which teaches couples how to make their relationships more positive. It focuses on practical skills couples can use to improve their relationships, including dialogue, compassionate listening, and win-win decision making. Unlike traditional marriage counseling, this approach is personalized for each couple. Coaches offer support and guidance to help each couple find their way through the process.

The Power of Two marriage counseling program is designed to dismantle the stigma surrounding marriage counseling and provide couples with quality care. This program can be accessed online, at any time, and for a very affordable price. It features an interactive learning experience, email access to a real person coach, and is available to people anywhere in the world. Because of the subsidized price, it’s significantly more affordable than most therapy services.

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