Funny Marriage Advice to Save Your Marriage

Funny marriage advice can be so serious. Building and spending a lifetime together as a couple should always be taken very seriously, but just like everything else in life, sometimes there is a very dark and lighthearted side to marital bliss. From funny marriage advice for new couples, to extremely witty marriage quotes, or even funny marriage jokes, it’s sure to spark some light-hearted fun and gusto for your special day. The first step in understanding the value of this advice is understanding what laughter means. Laughter is defined by Webster as “the purest and happiest pleasure acquired by human beings”.

When considering funny marriage advice, the most import rule to remember is to find something that you and your spouse will both find funny. There are thousands of examples from movies, comics and television shows. If you want to keep the topic light and playful, consider funny marriage advice quotes that can be shared between the two of you. These can be quotes about common situations, silly one-liners or anything that strikes humor in your relationship.

Some good advice about weddings, or funny marriage advice, when it comes to a wedding toast, is to make sure that the beginning is fitting and appropriate for the occasion. You don’t want to be in the middle of a wedding toast and realize that everyone around you is either bored or very bored, and you have made the wrong kind of speech. Another issue is that after the speech, there will inevitably be some loud, prolonged ovation for the bride or groom. It can be hard to control yourself when everyone around you is giving out loud ovation’s.

Also, it may be smart to take some time before getting married to actually consider if you actually like each other, and if so, how much. This may be a difficult thing to do with one person because they feel they know the person better than the other, while at the same time, they might not realize how much their partner really does mean to them. It is very important to make sure that you and your partner truly are on the same page, and that your feelings for one another are genuine. The funny marriage advice to consider is how to get married the right way, from the two of you together. You can never be sure, especially if this is the first marriage, that the other person truly loves you and doesn’t have ulterior motives. There are many cases where married couples get along just fine, but there are also many that break up because one of the people got too comfortable with the other, which then leads to resentment that can lead to arguments.

Another funny marriage advice is to find ways to bring up fun things that you two can do together. The last thing you want to do is to make your wife constantly nag at you about what you are doing during the day or night, so instead, why not think about having a good laugh? Try making your wife laugh during breakfast together, or after dinner. Maybe you could even try watching a funny movie together once in a while. This will help to make those old days back in time, and will give you some quality one-on-one time with your wife.

Perhaps the most important funny marriage advice I can give you is that if your wife says she wants to end things, then don’t listen to her. This is the best advice of all. If your wife says she wants to end things, then don’t listen to her. It is not your job to make her happy, it’s your job to listen to her and help her through whatever she needs. If your wife says she wants to play dead, don’t listen to her, play along with her and let her know you love her very much.

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