Get Help From Marriage Counselors in Hudson Park

Marriage counseling in New York City has become a hotbed of controversy, particularly over the last several months. Last year, an explosive expose of widespread cheating in New York City’s marriage counseling services produced damaging reports, such as one which stated, “Doctors are often paid at least $100 an hour to facilitate extramarital affairs.” As the article noted, the settlement amount may amount to “a rounding error” when accounting for the large number of relationships that end in divorce.

Now, a report by New York Magazine spouts that many marriage counselors are not motivated to help because they are paid for the number of sessions they conduct – and not for the results they achieve. Furthermore, the article points out that many marriage sprightiness programs in New York City are so lacking in genuine spirit, that they can only manage a small percentage of clients with their highly intrusive “interpersonal behavior interventions.” Such strategies as a “counseling session” with a “roommate” who dangles a “contract deal” over the heads of the participants only serves to confirm that there is little interest on the part of those subject to be helped.

The good news is that sprightliness is not required for marriage counseling in New York City. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that a counselor could be as effective as one’s counterparts in other states if not for his or her ability to bring forth the best moments of couples – moments that, perhaps, such a program simply could not bring about. In other words, the best moments people might be looking for in marriage counseling in New York City are those that do not involve the intervention of a third party, or even the very real demands that come with such. A good marriage counseling Clifton park NY specialist knows that to achieve these best moments, he or she has to bring out the most creative moments of each couple.

Here is one example. As the partner in a long term marriage told the marriage counseling Clifton park NY professional who was treating him and his wife for several months, “I just want to spend more time with her.” This partner had married four years ago, when things were much simpler. He never imagined that in just two short years, his wife would still be nagging him to brush his teeth, to go out on a date, to cook his favorite meals, to do his favorite chores around the house. Yet, now that he and his wife are married, they have found that marriage counseling NY professionals can help them go back to this “more relaxed” stage of their married life.

Another marriage therapy professional told the couple, “Your problems may be so desperate that you are looking for an emergency marriage NJ service.” What a great concept! How many times have you heard of people taking marriage leave from jobs or businesses so that they can just devote their time to their spouse? Or have you ever met someone, who while they are getting married, tells you, “I don’t know what I am doing with my marriage, but at least it will be better than going out to bars with my friends!” This couple needed marriage counseling Clifton park NY services so that they could start focusing on building a more stable marriage.

And then there are the other marriages, where, even though there may be a real problem, but people still find marriage counseling Clifton park ny services very helpful. The couples often don’t necessarily need a long term plan to solve their problems. They just need some short-term assistance to get help on some of their more urgent issues. And, there is plenty of help available.