Getting Marriage Counseling in Fort Collins

Fort Campbell, a town of thirty-two square miles in southwestern Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is named because it was where General Pershing, a famous military leader and U.S. army officer, chose to establish his headquarters during the Chinese occupation of Oregon. During those days, the area was considered the crossroads for supplies, soldiers, and supplies as well as supplies for the Chinese who were fighting their way into the United States. A map known as the “Google Map” shows that the closest major urban area to Fort Campbell is Gresham, Oregon, approximately eight miles to the northwest. Today, many of the same businesses that catered to the military personnel during World War II are continuing to serve Fort Campbell residents. Marriage counseling is one of those services.

The services are provided by a number of Portland-area agencies, with a high percentage of female clients. This is not surprising given that the rates of marriage and divorce are roughly the same in the general population as they are in Portland. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, the unemployment rate for Portland was 3.6 percent, the lowest in the state. The unemployment rate for Gresham was 3.2 percent, the second lowest in the state. Surprisingly, while the Portland and Gresham areas have relatively few marriages, they do have a high number of remarriages, more than in any other metropolitan area in Oregon.

One reason for the high number of remarriages is the fact that most of the marriages in the Portland area, or in Oregon as a whole, are of short duration. People tie the knot for different reasons, often young couples who expect to be with each other forever, and/or older couples who hope to find love again and rediscover the romance in their lives. Some, like those who are young and expecting a commitment for the long term, consider a marriage contract a binding contract for the duration of their marriage, whereas others, such as those who are older looking forward to a second marriage and considering a short term engagement, consider a marriage contract as something to be agreed upon only after an extensive discussion and decision by both parties. For people who want to get married and stay married, a marriage counseling program in Fort Collins, Oregon may help them avoid common marriage mistakes, such as having an impulsive engagement and then breaking it off quickly, before they’ve settled down. Or if they get married and then decide they want a divorce, they might be less likely to have a successful divorce if they seek the advice and counseling before their wedding.

The reasons why people in Portland and the surrounding areas choose to get married can vary greatly. Some are simply drawn to the beautiful scenery and the relaxed atmosphere of the Will Rogers vacation spot, which is what the Portland-grounds-to-be-wed-in will resemble after you get there. Other reasons can include the ability to have a bigger house with a yard to work in, better schools for the children you’d like to have to raise, or simply be able to buy your own place after years of living in an apartment. However, regardless of what brought you to marry in Fort Collins, regardless of what you’d like to change about your marriage in order to make it better, or what you’d like to see your marriage become after it’s over, or if you’re just looking forward to a more relaxing way to get married, one thing is certain: marriage counseling programs can help you find a solution if you’re going through a Portland marriage breakup.

When you look at some marriage counseling programs that exist in Fort Collins, you’ll find they’re designed for the couples who aren’t quite ready to get married. You’ll also find they cater to people who already have a marriage on the rocks, but who’d like to fix it. You can even take advantage of online resources, so that you can learn what to do if you and your partner are falling apart, and how to overcome problems, such as infidelity, that can lead to a divorce.

As with any marriage breakups, people will often try to use marriage counseling programs to get back together again. If you do decide to use one of these services, however, you need to make sure that it’s a counselor who knows what he or she is doing. Far too often, these counselors are trained by the same people who created the problems in the first place! And while you might be able to salvage your marriage after a rocky patch, you need to be sure you know who you’re dealing with. That way, you’ll avoid being sold a lie, and you’ll also be able to get the help you need from a qualified professional.

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