Godly Marriage Advice – 5 Ways God Has Designed Marriages to Work For You and Your Spouse

godly marriage advice

If you are struggling with a difficult relationship, you need godly marriage advice. God’s Word provides many examples of how to approach your spouse and repair the relationship. The bible teaches us that we should take the “mote out of the eye” when we see it. James 4:1-4 also reminds us that the problem in our marriage is inside our spouse’s heart, not ours. Your spouse will never repent perfectly, but you must forgive him or her as you would forgive Christ. It is important to forgive our spouse as Christ did, and we should comfort them as we do ourselves. It is important to forgive, but not keep a record of the wrongs in the relationship.

Encourage your spouse

Encourage your spouse for godly marriage advice by acting as his biggest cheerleader. Tell your spouse he is great every single day and make sure to hold your tongue when you criticize him or her. Your encouragement will go a long way in improving your marriage. After all, no one enjoys being criticized, but a husband would rather be told he’s great than a wife who criticizes him or her.

The Bible provides instructions for both parties in a marriage, and you can use them in your own marriage to build a stronger foundation than your spouse could give you on his or her own. Ephesians 5:22-33 offers godly marriage advice for both spouses. For example, one chapter covers finances and the next addresses parenting. The author addresses all these areas of unity with easy-to-understand language and real-life examples.

Encourage your spouse for godly marriage advice requires discernment and humility. You can do this without being a leader. For example, you can ask your husband for prayers, and this will encourage him to pray as well. You can also ask for his help with Scripture, showing that you value his thoughts. But remember that your husband’s spirituality is his responsibility. You should also be encouraging him to be more accountable to God and to his family.

Encourage your husband for godly marriage advice by using Bible verses and sayings. While Bible verses about marriage are emotional and nostalgic, they serve as spiritual guides. They are also powerful tools for strengthening your marriage. Consider adding Bible verses as part of your anniversary gifts or Valentine’s Day cards. Your husband will love you for it! So, don’t be afraid to share your faith with your husband. The love and encouragement of the Lord will fill his soul and help you strengthen your marriage.

Let God be your architect

Did you know that God has designed your marriage specifically to work with your personality and the needs of your partner? God’s blueprint for marriage is one of the most beautiful blueprints ever created. It was designed before sin entered the world and reflects His perfect design for relationships. Thankfully, He has included wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in His plan for marriage. You too can experience the same kind of relationship God intended. Here are five ways God has designed marriages to work with your personality and the needs of your spouse.

1. Let God be your marriage architect

2. Be faithful to your spouse’s desires. Marriages need God as their architect! God created marriages with specific goals. If you want to live a long and fulfilling life with your partner, then you must work on developing a Christ-honoring relationship. Remember, the world watches your marriage. God wants to glorify Christ in it, and your spouse needs to work hard to be the most faithful person in the world to them.

Forgive your spouse

If your spouse is breaking the rules of your marriage, you must first forgive them. If you want your marriage to work again, forgiveness is the first step. The second step is to reconcile with your spouse. If you do this, you will feel a sense of peace. God’s love will restore your marriage. And once forgiveness begins, your marriage will thrive once again. Here are some tips to forgive your spouse for bad behavior.

It is difficult to forgive your spouse for bad behavior, but the ability to make amends is crucial to maintaining a happy marriage. God’s laws for marriage provide a framework for relationships to be successful and happy. The law of purity requires that you forgive your spouse for any mistakes you make. The law of purity says that marriages must be pure in order to enjoy the blessings of God. Forgiveness helps you build a clean environment in which love can flourish.

When you forgive your spouse, you are revealing that you are willing to give up a hard past and make peace with your spouse. The goal of forgiveness is to change your attitude toward your mate and your relationship with Him. Jesus taught Peter seventy times to forgive his wife, and he explained the process by telling Peter a parable of a man who was required to pay a debt he couldn’t pay. He asked for the Lord’s patience, and the Lord chose to release him by forgiving the entire debt.

Another important rule for marriage is to keep the peace. Unforgiveness in the relationship affects intimacy and creates a foul smell. The Bible warns that unforgiving stains the heart. In the Bible, Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world. Unforgiveness can destroy a relationship, making it impossible to love your spouse. Similarly, if you are not willing to forgive your spouse for unfaithful actions, your marriage can also be in trouble.

Don’t keep track of wrongs

In Matthew 23, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, presenting seven woes. His list of wrongs, though long, is not ungodly. In fact, keeping a record of wrongs is actually encouraged. However, keeping track of wrongs in marriage is not a good idea, no matter how important the list may seem. In fact, it may actually be counter-productive.

Be an encourager

When it comes to your marriage, the best way to make your husband’s life better is to be an encourager. A husband can follow Jesus diligently, but still he’s a sinner. As his wife, you can see his weaknesses and sinful tendencies and use your words to bring him down. This is exactly what Christ desires, and he wants you to do the same for your husband.

The most effective way to be an encourager for your husband is to pray for him and for his relationship with God. Whether you’re praying for him or supporting him in his efforts to change, remember that God brought you together for a reason, and He’ll continue to deepen your relationship with him. If you’re looking for godly marriage advice, consider the following:

Look for areas of your marriage that need improvement. Ask your spouse whether they feel they’re a priority in your marriage. If they don’t, it’s a sign that you’re not doing enough to give them the attention they need. If you feel this way, don’t get defensive; instead, pray about it, think about it, and take action. You’ll be glad you did.

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