How Much is Marriage Counseling?

If you are seeking marriage counseling, one of the most important questions to ask your family counselor is, how much is marriage counseling worth? This is one of the hardest questions to answer because, at face value, marriage counseling seems like a very fair trade off. The average family counselor will tell you that counseling can save marriages and create better relationships. However, those who have actually seen marriage counseling in action know differently.

The truth is that marriage counselors often don’t see the full scope of the problem. They usually just see the surface of the problems. They do not realize that there is an emotional and psychological issue at work, one that requires much more attention than the counselor is able to give. Marriage counseling does not solve the problem, it often masks it. The issues will come back and cause more problems down the road. It is at this point that you may start to question whether counseling is really worth the cost.

When looking at the cost of counseling, it is best to look at the cost of ignoring relationship issues. In my research I have found that many couples go to marriage counselors and, after going for several months, realize that their counseling did not help their relationship problems. At this point they decide that it was not worth the time or the money. This is the time where many couples start to question the worth of counseling.

How much is marriage counseling worth to you if you potentially could have avoided the problems and conflicts that eventually led to divorce? Many couples who have gone through marriage counseling without success have discovered that there are underlying mental and emotional issues that go unnoticed by many couples going in to talk with a counselor. Once these issues are identified, the problems become much more apparent and the therapist may face many challenges in assisting a client in overcoming the issue(s). Some of the issues that commonly go overlooked include anger issues, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse and issues with pornography, as well as other mental health concerns. If you find that you face one or more of these issues, you may face other mental health and/or emotional issues that need to be addressed by a trained professional.

While you may think that you can handle the counseling yourself, it is imperative that you take part in any necessary consultations with a licensed professional. In some cases, family therapists will refer their clients to marriage and family therapists for follow up sessions. In addition to monitoring progress, the licensed therapist will also ask you about your wishes regarding continuing the counseling, or discontinuing the therapy. If you discontinue the treatment, the licensed professional will most likely ask you about your desire to enter into a follow up session.

While it is important that you get counseling if you believe you need it, keep in mind that you will likely be required to pay for services that you receive. Depending on the state where you live, there may be a co-pay (set amount of money that must be paid each time you take part in marriage counseling) or other charges for the sessions. In some instances, family therapists and counselors may bill health insurance companies for the services they provide. In this case, you should contact your health insurance provider to see what they offer in terms of payment for marriage and family counseling. With proper health insurance coverage, you can afford to attend counseling sessions, and get the help that you need to improve your relationship and make your relationship stronger.

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