How To Avoid Unnecessary Marriage Counseling

Over the past few years, Parker Cooper Insurance Company has prided itself on providing quality marriage counseling to millions of clients. The company claims that they have helped hundreds of thousands of people and saved money for those same people. With that in mind, maybe it is time that we talk a little bit about Parker Cooper and non-owner auto insurance.

The majority of the marriage industry is highly saturated with a liberal bias. Unfortunately, not all is as honest as it should be. Unfortunately, not all companies are willing to bend over backwards for the marriage industry. It’s easy to see this when you look at Parker Cooper. Their tag line is “non-traditional”, yet their advertisements are geared towards helping married couples get their marriage back on track. The fact that they advertise non-traditional ways to help marriages is an obvious sign that they are working towards changing the way in which marriages are handled in the United States.

As an example of how Parker Cooper treats married couples, let’s say that John and Jane are happily married with a nice healthy family. One day, Jane’s wife comes home from work and starts to have a very strong argument with John. In a fit of rage, John gets out his laptop and instantly starts looking up all of the insurance policies that are currently covering him and Jane. It would be one thing if Parker Cooper wasn’t selling these policies, but since he is, it just makes sense.

What is even crazier is that Jane does not realize that her husband was looking up all of the different insurance policies. Now she is angry and upset that her husband did this and even more upset that he could easily have prevented this situation from arising in the first place. This situation could have been avoided if only John would have taken a little bit more care of his wife. There is something funny about how this whole scenario plays out. How many people do you know that know exactly what coverage is covered under their insurance policy, and what does not?

Another scenario that many people find ridiculous is when a marriage counselor tries to “help” a person save their marriage by changing their insurance coverage. This is a tactic that was made famous by infomercials many years ago. Parker Cooper Co, in an effort to make a quick buck off of the unsuspecting public, pulls the wool over the eyes of the viewer and shows them things that aren’t so simple. In other words, Parker Cooper Co, is nothing but a con artist that is only interested in the profit they are making, at the expense of a consumer’s well being.

If you are looking for marriage counseling in St. Louis, do your research before committing to a marriage counseling company. While there is nothing wrong with using outside resources (such as marriage books, magazines, etc.) to assist you in making your marriage work, you need to make sure that your marriage counseling company has the skills, training, and resources to help you succeed in your marriage. When in doubt, simply ask how many hours of training and expertise their counselors have had. If they claim that they can provide “anyone” with any “program”, walk away and find another counselor to work with.