How To Choose A Marriage Counseling Agency

Marriage counseling Oregon is available to help couples in their quest for a better marriage. The number of people in the marriage counseling industry is on the rise and many people are flocking to the Portland area for the atmosphere that is a marriage counselor’s ideal. While the statistics may not reflect the true number of marriages that end in divorce, the numbers of couples entering counseling shows an upswing in the number of couples who are seeing a marriage counselor. Couples often seek marriage counseling when they feel the marriage is stale or lacking in some areas. When looking for marriage counseling Oregon couples should look for a counselor that is certified by the American Association of Marriage Counselors (AAMC) and has at least three years of experience in marriage counseling.

In the state of Oregon there are a number of marriage counseling programs to choose from. Many of the Portland marriage counseling Oregon divorce attorneys can recommend local couples’ mediation services or marriage and family therapists that offer a variety of marriage counseling programs. Some marriage counselors offer free consultations and do not require a fee until after they have provided the couple with a personalized assessment of their marriage problems. Many Oregon marriage counseling agencies offer a free referral service for couples who prefer to go through a more comprehensive marriage counseling program.

Many Oregon marriage counseling and support groups are also provided by some marriage counselors. The Internet provides resources that provide helpful information on marriage counseling Oregon. The single parent website “Spark People”, provides a directory of Portland single parenting help. There are marriage seminars offered in the summer that are geared toward helping newly married couples. There are several Oregon Christian marriage seminars offered throughout the year at various churches and ministries.

Many of the Oregon marriage counselors are able to tailor a customized program for the couple. The cost of marriage counseling is usually covered by the couple in their mortgage payment. Most marriage counselors also offer referrals to other qualified Oregon marriage counselors. Marriage seminars are offered at affordable prices. Couples may be referred to a counseling program that is complimentary to them in order to avoid paying for their session.

Most Portland marriage counselors are very experienced in the field of marriage counseling. They offer individualized counseling in addition to group counseling. Most of the Portland marriage counselors are very understanding and sympathetic to the needs of their client’s marriage. When a couple first makes contact with a counselor, they should make sure that the Portland Oregon marriage counseling agency they are considering using has a highly regarded reputation and a history of successful marriage counseling.

Many of the marriage counseling services in Portland are non-profit organizations. Their services are provided free of charge. Most Oregon marriage counseling agencies do require that clients meet some of a number of requirements including being a married couple who are trying to work out an agreement for solving their marriage problems. Clients can find a wide variety of services in the Portland area. Some of the more popular marriage counseling agencies include The Therapy Institute, Portland Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and The Art and Learning Center.