How to Choose the Best Marriage Counseling for You

The author, marriage counseling therapists, Lee Henderson, DProf, MT believes that we can learn a lot from the mistakes committed by other family therapists and the mistakes he has made as well. Marriage counseling is one of the most important components of sound family therapy. Many family therapy experts, psychologists and psychotherapists are quick to point out that, in general, marriage counseling, although often very effective when it comes to healing couples, does not work for some. This may be true of some, but not all! The effectiveness of marriage counseling depends largely on whether or not the couple involved have truly been willing to try it.

In this book, the author shares with the reader three best marriage counselors. The first is Edward Grossman, who is known for his creativity as a marriage family therapist. Although he has been married and divorced several times, he has remained positive about marriage and his contributions to the marriage and family therapy. The second best marriage counselors is Paul Rowe, who is a clinical psychologist. The third marriage counselor is Lee Henderson, who is a marriage and family therapy professor at the University of Washington.

There are several lessons that the three marriage counselors learn from their own mistakes and failures. They all recognize that the power of forgiveness is a critical key to effective communication and to building strong, healthy relationships. They also realize that listening skills and building trust are vital. All three marriage counselors also recognize that self-blame can cause distress and that healthy communication and meaningful conversation are important ingredients to the process. Finally, they realize that there is a need for effective preparation before beginning a marriage counseling session.

What are the lessons that the three best marriage therapy counselors learn? First, they both understand that marriage counseling is an ongoing process. As clients make progress with the program, it becomes increasingly obvious that this marriage counseling therapy counselors are involved throughout the whole process. This keeps the therapist as a guide and gives him or her time to take things one step at a time. It also makes it easier for the therapist to find common ground between clients and apply appropriate behavioral modifications. When progress is made, the therapist will be able to explain what was learned and implement the changes in the therapy.

Second, the therapists also recognize that marriage counselors must keep abreast of current research and practice. This knowledge and learning remain constant throughout the duration of the marriage counseling process. One of the benefits of becoming a practicing therapist is that you have the opportunity to continue to develop your skills and knowledge as a therapist. This understanding of the current state of practice will allow you to continue to provide effective marriage family therapists services for the next couple of years.

Finally, it is important for marriage counseling Tennessee residents to realize that even though the laws may differ, the goal is always the same. To help the family members go through the difficulties together that they are having, marriage family therapists must provide supportive and consistent treatment. Clients cannot expect the counselors to do all the work for them. The family therapists must continue to lead by example and demonstrate the value of the work that they are doing. In a highly charged and contested environment that exists today in many marriage counseling clinics, the counselor must make sure that both parties understand and are comfortable with the proposed course of action. When this occurs, then the counseling process will be more successful and the results for the family will be closer to what they would achieve if the marriage counseling was more consistent and favorable.