How to Stay Happy in a Marriage

It seems like almost everyone has their own happy marriage quote. Some say, “happiest of all moments is when you are sleeping.” Another favorite one is, “Falling in and out of love is easy. Staying in and out of love takes work.”

One thing to concentrate on when you desire to have the happy marriage that attracts you happiness for years is to “keep your cool.” The only way to have a happy marriage is not to get annoyed at each other all the time or to hurl bad insults at one another. A married woman who can handle this type of relationship will be happy forever.

When both people in a relationship show that they can handle things well with each other, they will have a very happy marriage. So how do you keep your cool? First of all, when you speak to your partner, talk to them from your heart. Express your thoughts and feelings without getting upset or impatient. When you have a genuine conversation with your partner, you will both be happy that you found time to communicate.

Another key element to staying together for a happy marriage is romance. Most marriages end up with no romance. The average American married couple sees less than one romantic lovemaking episode per year. This may be because most marriages end up with a boring script for sex that leaves most couples bored and tense.

A third major reason marriages end is when either one of the partners feels unloved and unfulfilled. If you are in a relationship with a partner that feels this way, it is important not to nag them about being in an unsatisfying situation. It is important to let them know that you understand that they are unhappy. Don’t point the finger of blame at them or tell them they are having an affair, just let them know you are there for them and will do what you can to help. This is an important step to changing your relationship and staying happily married.

If you are in a relationship with an unhappy spouse, don’t despair. The average American married couple doesn’t have to divorce in order to be happy. As long as you remain open, loving and patient, your spouse will return the favor. Don’t get discouraged if your partner doesn’t want to talk about their problems or doesn’t try to work things out. Most often, it takes a willingness to communicate and willingness to compromise on issues to keep a marriage happy.

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