How to Use Couples Retreats For Marriage Counseling

Faith Based Marriage Counseling: Does it exist? Marriage Encounter doesn’t offer traditional marriage counseling or therapy over their week long weekend retreat. Their counseling is instead comprised of seasoned priest and volunteer couples, and laypeople from the surrounding communities. This is faith based and not necessarily focused around a particular church.

This is not like a clinical setting where they say, “Do what I do and I’ll do that.” This is more about being intentional about moving toward your God’s goals and desires. There is an abundance of information and resources for this type of counseling and therapy. Most cities have several resources available. But, if you don’t have time to research for it, there is no problem.

The main focus of faith-based marriage counseling is on working with the couple in prayerful and sincere conversation. The purpose is not to test their knowledge or skills but rather to encourage them to find out about each other deeper. There will be many times that a person may not fully understand the information that is given to them but it is hoped that by the conversation that is had, they will begin to understand more and be able to put the pieces together.

Some communities have even developed their own faith-based marriage counseling retreats. These retreats are designed for couples that want to get back to the basics. They usually last one weekend, two weekends, or a month. This is for couples that need some time away from each other without having to be away from family and friends. These retreats also help the couples that already know what they want but need a little spark to start the fire that needs to burn in their relationship.

Faith-based counseling has many benefits. It can make you closer and stronger as a couple. It will give you an opportunity to share your faith with others. Your relationships will become stronger as you learn more about each other’s faith. You will become more likely to make decisions in the faith-based manner and therefore, you will have a better relationship with your church or religious community. Many churches will even require their members to take a retreat once or twice a year.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your relationship or just trying to understand more about your faith, couples counseling is a great place to start. It is very relaxing and can help you learn a lot more about your faith. It is a wonderful opportunity to share what is important to you with someone else. You will both enjoy the experience and will come away feeling more confident in your beliefs. Your relationship will become stronger because of this experience and you should definitely consider couples retreats.

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