Intensive Marriage Counseling – How Video Calls Can Help Save Your Marriage

Intensive marriage counseling with a marriage coach can be an extremely powerful and beneficial experience. A marriage coach can help you discover how your spouse has been ignoring you or holding you back from happiness in your relationship. The intimacy that a marriage coach and a couple can create during the intensive coaching sessions can be extremely powerful and healing for both partners. In addition, marriage coaches are highly skilled at navigating all of the dynamics involved in a marriage, from income to child raising to joint financial goals to custody and visitation.

A real estate agent would likely suggest couples extensive amounts of therapy, but an intensive marriage counseling session would probably be reserved for those who have serious problems. An example of this would be if the couple had disagreements over money or had a history of domestic violence. A therapist would most likely guide the couple through the therapeutic process to uncover the issues which led to the problematic issues in the first place. This could include a financial analysis to discover the gaps which led to the dissimilarities in income, a conversation about the violence or lack of communication leading to the separation, or a discussion about trust and forgiveness which may have contributed to the problem in the first place.

When attending an intensive marriage counseling session with a therapist, you will likely be kept busy throughout the entire session as your therapist and the couple will work on uncovering the issues which led to the marital difficulties. As you progress through the session, your spouse may be encouraged to share with you personal stories which may be painful, or you may hear something which may be embarrassing to you or your spouse. During this time, it is extremely important for you to remain calm and speak only to the therapist if you feel that you need assistance.

Most therapists encourage their clients to share with each other during an intensive therapy retreat. This allows you to gain insight into what caused the differences in your relationship to deteriorate. Sharing with another person is helpful in several ways; first, sharing allows you to begin to identify and review the negative behaviors and beliefs which were at the root of the problems leading to the breakdown of your marriage. This allows you to develop new, more positive ways of thinking and behaving which can help you prevent similar situations from arising again.

The final day of the 4 day intensive marriage counseling retreat is called the concluding day. You and your spouse will meet with your rabbinic leader and discuss the various ways of following through with your marriage. The rabbi may give you a number of guidelines or suggestions to follow. You can see couples who have overcome similar situations and may be able to draw upon the examples of how they dealt with the situations. The goal of the concluding day is to bring you closer to God, so that you will be inspired to live according to His teachings.

The greatest benefit of the 4 day retreat is the two-way communication which takes place between the couple during the retreat. During the video call session, the therapist and the couple are able to openly express their feelings and thoughts, and this helps the therapist to better understand the problem which is driving the couple apart. Video calls can also be beneficial when you and your spouse are away from each other for extended periods of time such as when you are traveling. You can then address your issues face to face with the guidance and counseling provided by your therapist. The benefits of this type of marriage counseling make it well worth the investment, especially when compared to a typical therapist who charges around $100 per hour.