Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately if the answer to the above question is yes, then you could very well get stuck paying out of your own wallet for professional help. Many marriage counselors have private sliding scales, meaning that your monthly fees can be lower depending on how well you can afford to pay. If a therapist doesn’t advertise they have a private sliding scale, then you can still inquire for one. Also, some therapists have an insurance option, meaning that if you can’t afford to pay them at this point in time then you can ask them if they offer a special plan that will allow you to sign up for their service without necessarily requiring you to fork over a large chunk of change.

Another good reason to ask the question is marriage counseling covered by insurance. This is especially true of individual therapy, where couples therapy is required by law in order to be legal. Individual therapy can be costly and can really drain away finances, especially if both parties aren’t able to agree to it. However, there are some therapists who do have private individual treatment plans. Therefore, if your budget simply won’t allow you to sign up for professional marriage counseling, then individual therapy might be your only choice.

Most states require that a couple be treated by a licensed marriage counselor before they file for divorce, and there is nothing wrong with using professional couples therapy. This is because as a professional couple’s counselor, they will be able to help you work through your problems more effectively. As a matter of fact, many couples find that having both sessions is better than just one session alone. This is because individual therapy allows the couples therapy to work together on issues, such as trust, communication, and other key issues that often lead to divorce.

If you are looking for private marriage counseling, then it is important that you find an individual therapist who has experience and is very reputable. The best place to find a good therapist is the internet. Simply typing “wedding couples therapy” into a search engine will bring up several options. You should be able to find at least a few therapist sites to peruse. Look for reviews or ratings by real customers to see which ones are the best.

If none of these work, then it is time to start asking questions about your marriage counseling insurance. When you call the agent, ask him or her if it is covered by your particular state’s laws. If it is, then you need to find out what exactly is the coverage for. Many states don’t cover marriage counseling, so you will have to find some other way to pay for it. Usually, it is covered in some form by most insurance companies, but it is important to read over the policy carefully.

If you still aren’t sure, then it is time to begin shopping around for a good marriage counselor on your own. There is nothing wrong with calling several different therapists and getting quotes. However, if you decide to use the internet to find out is marriage counseling covered by insurance, be sure to use several different websites. Make sure that you really get quotes from several different insurance companies before making your decision. This way, if you change your mind you have the proof in your hands.