Is Marriage Counseling Covered by Insurance?

Many couples, when they initially set up the idea of marriage counseling, are surprised to find out it is not covered by their insurance. Not covered by insurance means having to pay for the entire cost of marriage counseling out of your own pocket. There is nothing wrong with wanting to use marriage counseling to help you get your relationship back on track. However, you need to be aware that marriage counseling is a very expensive endeavor. It is not something you can do without assistance. This assistance can come in the form of an individual therapist or group therapy session.

For most people, the expense of marriage counseling doesn’t make it practical to go through with it. For this reason, there are credit cards available to individuals who want to utilize marriage counseling at their own cost. You will be responsible for paying for the credit card bills including any interest charges that may apply. If you would like to find a credit card that offers low interest rates on individual therapy sessions, then you should shop around.

Before you sign up for individual counseling, you need to know that companies that offer these credit cards do have strict guidelines in place. For example, many credit cards for marriage counseling insure you for a specific amount of time. In some cases, the limit may be as little as 90 days. You should be aware of this when you apply for the credit card. You need to be absolutely certain that you understand the limitations in place on the marriage counseling insurance policy.

If you do not want to wait any longer than 90 days to pursue your goal of getting your marriage counseling insurance policy started, then you should consider enrolling in a couple’s therapy group session. Although most groups charge a small fee, you will still be able to reap the benefits of having a professional therapist at your disposal. Having an individual therapy session will enable you to get the help that you need for yourself or for your partner. In many cases, this form of therapy is also more cost effective than going to a marriage counselor. If you are in need of more help with your situation, then you should definitely check into what a couple’s therapy group has to offer you.

Most insurance companies do offer marriage counseling policies that will benefit married couples. However, you need to check with your current employer to see if they offer this type of insurance coverage. In some cases, you can even use your existing health insurance coverage. Of course, if you have a good relationship with your employer, then they may be willing to accept your request for insurance coverage over the objection of a spouse.

If your employer does not offer insurance coverage for marriage counseling, then you may want to consider getting your own individual policy. There are many different insurance companies that offer policies for individual couples that need assistance. Be sure that you understand the terms of your policy before you buy it. In some cases, you may find that your policy will cover the costs of counseling, but you may have to pay for other items that are not covered by the policy, such as counseling fees and transcripts. For this reason, you should carefully review your insurance policy before you sign it to ensure that you are truly understanding all of the provisions of your policy.