Low Cost Marriage Counseling For Active-duty Service Members

“We are a private psychotherapeutic practice in downtown/North Chelsea NYC offering individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, families therapy, premarital assessment, dynamic couples therapy, family counseling and conflict resolution from our experienced psychotherapists, licensed social workers and teachers who have been trained at both Ashford University and john templeton university. We also offer basic assessments for single adults and for couples, as well as ongoing therapeutic supervision of clients with severe developmental disabilities. Our psychotherapist training was completed at the John Templeton School of Business in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, where we gained both our AAS and BS degrees in clinical and counseling psychology. The therapists in our private practice are all licensed in both state and national jurisdictions.”

Low Cost Marriage Counseling for Veterans is a provider of mental health services for veterans, their spouses, and their children. As a provider of low cost marriage counseling services for the benefit of veterans, we understand the need to increase access to effective mental health services for our veterans, while at the same time reducing the cost of care overall. Providing low cost marriage counseling to veterans is a priority of our organization because we know that our nation’s veterans have paid the greatest price for service – with a higher than average rate of divorce and a lower than average rate of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In an effort to help people go from being unhappy to being satisfied and from being angry to happy people, we provide low cost marriage counseling. What do unhappy people go through in this society? Divorce and unhappy marriages and how does marriage affect the children? Children do not have to witness abuse or to be witness to the parents going through a divorce or separation and how does it affect them now?

We have seen in recent years an increase in the number of former soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental health issues. The number of veterans who are now experiencing severe mental health problems has increased dramatically over the last decade. As these numbers rise, the number of divorce cases and the number of veteran couples where the relationship is on shaky ground has also risen. There are many successful outcomes for marriages where one spouse is suffering from an anxiety or bipolar disorder or other type of mood disorders. Yet, there are far more military spouses where the relationship is rocky and the couple cannot seem to overcome the challenges and the disagreements.

Low cost marriage counseling for veterans is an investment for the greater good in a broken family. The relationship between the divorcing spouses will benefit from the expertise and experience of trained professionals who have seen it all and know how to help couples rebuild their lives. For many veterans, divorce and separation is a shattering experience where the ability to function properly in society is compromised and there is a feeling of hopelessness. When people go through marriage counseling, they often find a support group that can provide an immediate calming effect on their emotional roller coaster.

Military couples need to be sure that they select a counselor who is skilled in relationship counseling as well as mental health counseling. Often, military couples who go through a troubled marriage and then separate for several years may have an issue with anger or rage that has not been adequately addressed during their relationship. Such a marriage would not work in most non-religious settings where the couple would likely be welcomed as welcome guests. However, a Christian counseling environment can provide a safe nurturing environment where a troubled military spouse may seek the guidance that they need to successfully rekindle a relationship that has been severed due to stressors within the military couple’s life.