Marriage And Divorce And Its Effects

Marriage and divorce are one of the most sensitive topics for any person. People cannot even imagine their life without marriage. In fact, marriage is the most important institution in our society today. Without marriage, people will be led to live an unhappy life full of sorrows and constant pain. Thus, when people choose to get married, they are willing to take all the risk to ensure that the marriage will be a happy one for the whole of their lives.

There are different types of programs available for those who want to deal with problems like marriage and divorce. In fact, there are various programs available for individuals, families, groups and associations to help them solve their problems. Marriage and divorce counseling is one of these programs. Marriage and divorce counseling services can be offered through schools, community organizations, counselors and therapists.

Marriage and divorce counselors play an important role in solving various marriage and divorce problems. Apart from providing emotional support to couples who are going through a marriage and divorce, counselors also play an important role in creating a social policy that is necessary for maintaining a harmonious family life. This social policy needs to provide a balance between individual freedom and social responsibility. Counselors not only help couples and families to come closer and create a loving home environment but also to encourage a healthy social policy by preventing family conflicts and strengthening family ties.

Alimony is an important factor for a divorcee in a marriage and the decision to agree for this policy of a husband and wife should be done after careful evaluation of each spouse’s financial capabilities and status. Although alimony is a monetary benefit given to the Wife by the Husband as a repayment plan, it is considered as a very emotional issue for the Wife. Many times alimony is granted in order to maintain the standard of living which was practiced during the duration of marriage and divorce. If one of the spouses was responsible for the marriage and/or the divorce and is unable to work, then alimony will be provided to them as an equal partner.

Poor families often have to face many social and economic stressors at times of marriage and divorce. In such marriages, both the husband and the wife are generally busy with work and thus there is no time for them to spend quality time with their spouse. Sometimes, even when they spend quality time together, they fail to give their partner’s any satisfaction as their attention is divided between their careers. This may result in an erosion of marriage and can lead to broken relationship with their partners. Therefore, it is important that both the husband and the wife to give their complete attention and devote themselves completely to their partners.

A good marriage and a healthy family do not only depend on the marriage and divorce statistics but also on the general development of both the partners. The basic factor that brings down the overall development of a marriage is the conflict and domestic violence. If both the partners are willing to compromise on this aspect, then the chances of strengthening the relationship are high. However, if either of the spouses is not willing to compromise over this aspect, then there is a strong possibility that the marriage and the family will suffer due to the effects of the conflict.

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