Marriage and Divorce Statistics – Civil Registration Data on Recent Years

The marriage Statistics, it is a fact that marriages are very much dependent on the relationship between the two partners. So keeping this in view, keeping marriage as the foundation of the society, there are several researches going on to know more about marriage statistics and their future. Some of the study shows that marriages are now breaking down due to some reason like economic problems, work pressure and many others. The future of marriage is not so rosy. The number of marriages which fail is on rise and the reason is lack of information.

There are several things that we should know about marriage statistics of United States, according to the organizers. According to them “Marriages are now breaking down in the United States”. It can be very true because there are many reasons for it. In some states like Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Illinois the number of marriages has been on decline. Divorce statistics too show a marked decrease in the last five years.

Divorce Statistics from the United States reveals that more people are getting divorced, even with the law of matrimony in full swing. Now, the question is, why is there such a decline in the rate of marriages? The answer lies in lack of knowledge. As the famous song says, ” Knowledge is a good thing” and in this case, knowledge about marriage is a vital part of a successful married life.

In most of the states the rate of marriages is increasing and most of the married couples are now having kids. But in some states like North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi the marriage statistics are decreasing and this could be because of lack of awareness about married life and divorce. The increasing rate of divorces may be because of the increased level of stress and workload in a typical married life.

With the increasing trend of divorce, it is necessary for all the married people to have some basic knowledge about marriage and divorce. Marriage and divorce statistics is important and helpful in gathering information about the trend of divorce. But if one wants to know about the recent years then they can get married in a year and divorce within two or three years. The marriage statistics clearly show that the number of divorces has been on rise in recent years and this trend could go up in the coming years too.

There was a time when the marriage statistics was not published because of the privacy concern. But now with the increase in demand for such information from different branches of government and statistical agencies, the data is made available through various means. It is important for everyone to access marriage statistics and civil registration databases so that they can understand the pattern of the marital status of their ancestors. Through such information one can actually identify the civil registration from where they got married or divorced.