Marriage and Family Counseling

The state of Delaware is home to many organizations that offer marriage counseling, divorce lawyers and other types of assistance to couples in need. Many of these organizations are non-profit and can be a great source of support for any couple struggling with a divorce. However, some of these same organizations may put their own spin on the advice they give and may not necessarily be the best place for someone who is not well-informed about legal matters. This is why it’s important to check references before committing to a marriage counseling program in your area.

There are a number of organizations that provide marriage counseling in the state of Delaware. The Family Therapy Institute is one of the most comprehensive of such organizations and can be reached by phone or email. The institute is located in Newark, Delaware and offers a variety of services including marriage counseling, family therapy, pre-marriage counseling, and divorce advice. They even have a physical location in the heart of the city but offer phone, email, and office meetings that can be convenient for any couple. The Family Therapy Institute does not use clinical or spiritual approaches to offer their services, instead relying on providing a supportive, non-judgmental environment for married couples to work through their issues. They also do not require that individuals seek psychological evaluations or approval in order to join their program.

The Community Counseling Service (CCS) has been around since the early 1970s and is a network of community organizations, non-profit agencies and schools that provide marriage and family therapy. The goal of the CCS is to enhance the experience of couples in their journey to becoming a family and setting up future family arrangements. For those in the public sector, the Community Counseling Service offers divorce court accompaniment, educational programs for children and young people, financial advice, housing counseling, and case management. Clients who have a high percentage of high school graduates are automatically eligible for the free counseling that is offered by the CCS. Clients looking for additional information can contact the county department of social services for additional information on the different aspects of the CCS as well as the qualifications of the trained counselors.

The Family Services Division of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides certified marriage and family therapy in response to the demand for qualified professionals. The primary objective of the Family Services Division is to coordinate with the Delaware communities to provide services that are in line with the requirement of the DHHS. Most services provided by the FDS are in the form of informational therapy and/or educational programs for couples, while other programs focus on specific aspects of family life, such as parenting, child rearing, and marriage. Counseling is available for those in all stages of the relationship, starting from pre-marital counseling to dissolution. There is also the possibility of a divorce intervention if this needs to be done.

Certified Criminal Court Interpreters provides court ordered marriage and family therapy consultation in order to facilitate communication between the parties involved. A certified criminal conversation interpreter is someone who is fluent in both English and Delaware communication skills, in addition to having a thorough understanding of the legal process. These types of experts are highly skilled in providing interpretation of hearings, trials and other proceedings involving family law. Couples in the process of finalizing divorce proceedings or going through the court system are always best served by obtaining the services of a certified criminal conversation interpreter.

Marriage and family counseling is usually provided by non-profit organizations. The Family Development Institute and the Center for Relationship Therapy provide these services. The FDSI is a collaboration of the Delaware State Office of Education and the Family Services Division of the DHHS. The FDSI researches, promotes and facilitates marriage and family counseling. Other marriage and family counseling centers located throughout the state include the Center for Applied Research in Social and Behavioral Sciences (CARASAS), The Center for Law and Social Service, The John Hopkins University Marriage and Family Program, The Social Service Institute, and the Department of Labor’s Office of Applied Research in Social Policy.

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