Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapist is the professional who helps people in troubled marriages and families. A therapist is trained to assist individuals, couples, and families in their quest for wholeness. The most common areas where marriage and family therapist services are offered include: working with couples in crisis, working with children, working with at risk kids, and working with the bereaved. Many marriage and family therapists work with individuals because of their unique situation; some of these individuals may be experiencing a typical “bad” marriage, while others may be undergoing a crisis or conflict. Other individuals and couples seek the assistance of a marriage and family therapist because they are simply looking for assistance to work through their issues. Whatever the case, the need for a marriage and family therapist is vast and often overwhelming.

Many people have personal experience with long-term abusive marriage situations. Some mfts work with couples who are experiencing violence; some mfts work with couples who are experiencing child abuse. Any marriage and family therapists who are qualified to treat these types of families have a lot of experience dealing with these types of scenarios. Many families are struggling day to day, coping with violence, child abuse, and addiction. A good therapist can bring the best possible resources to bear on these families to make sure that they are able to work through their problems and achieve long term recovery.

Marriage and family therapists help people suffering from various other life and relationship challenges. These include those who are going through a crisis because of abuse; those who are dealing with an addiction; those who are dealing with anger issues; and those who are suffering from other emotional and mental disturbances. This field also provides therapists who are trained in different personality disorders. These include bipolar and post traumatic stress disorders. The variety of different therapists that work in this field helps to treat all types of relationships and disorders.

The training requirements for a marriage and family therapist vary from state to state. In most states the education requirements require that the persons who want to become a marriage and family therapist have at least a bachelor’s degree. It is also required that you have at least three years of experience working as a clinical social worker in the state in which you intend to seek your certification as a marriage and family therapist.

To be a marriage and family therapist in any state you must pass the board certified mental health therapist (CHT) exam. The CHT exam is administered by the state board of licensed mental health therapist. In addition to taking the CHT exam you will need to participate in a clinical practice. Many states require that you work under the supervision of a licensed mental health care provider in order to receive your CHT certification. Many other states do not require that you participate in a clinical practice but many require that you complete an internship.

If you are interested in becoming a marriage and family therapist then you will want to contact your state’s board of licensed therapist. You will want to make sure that you contact the proper state government agency so that you will be educated about the licensing process. You can also find valuable information online. There are a number of websites that provide informational resources for these professionals. You will be able to obtain the contact information for boards of therapists that are located in your area as well as contact information for counseling agencies that are located near you.