Marriage and Psychological Counseling

Marriage and family therapist is a discipline of psychotherapy that deals with the family unit as a whole, especially focusing on marriage and family issues. Family therapy is an intensive therapy that addresses the whole family including children, parents, spouse, and relatives. Family therapy, also known as couples and couple therapy, marriage and family treatment, marriage and family systems therapy, family therapy, and domestic abuse therapy, is an intensive specialization of psychotherapy that deals with families and marriages in various intimate relationships.

A marriage and family therapist requires several years of training and practice. The first two years specialize in mental health and clinical psychology to prepare students to enter master’s degrees in marriage and family Therapy. Upon completion of the two years, candidates will need to take a three-year graduate course to be prepared for the dissertation. Candidates who wish to pursue master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy will need to earn a master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. There are many universities that offer this specialization.

Marriage and Family Therapists must have a strong background in family and marriage counseling. A strong foundation in psychology is also necessary because in this type of therapy one-on-one counseling is highly recommended. Marriage and family therapists should also be able to work independently as well as in teams, depending on the needs of their clients. In addition to basic psychology, marriage and family therapists should also be skilled in assessment, theory formulation, research methodology, therapeutic design, and application, interdisciplinary leadership, supervision, and coaching. These qualities are also needed if one wants to open his or her own practice.

The Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Certification Board offers a credentialing program, which is achieved after passing the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) examination. Candidates who successfully passed the examination must pass an oral examination and a written examination. The Marriage and Family Therapist Professional Certification Board offer a national certification, which means that they are recognized by other health care professionals in the United States. The examination and the written evaluation will determine if the candidates have sufficient knowledge and experience in the areas of marriage and family counseling and their fitness to perform these counseling activities.

To become a certified marriage and family therapist, the candidate will need to complete a master’s degree program. This requires at least a year of study in the field. The curriculum of a master’s degree program consists of psychological theories, applied psychology, cognitive science, and counseling principles. The coursework may also include research methods, history and analysis of marriage and family therapies, assessment, diagnosis, counseling principles, application of family therapy principles, research methodology, and ethics of marriage and family counseling.

Marriage and psychological issues are extremely complex. In order to provide appropriate psychotherapy, it is important that the people involved in the counseling understand their mental health as well as their relationship to one another. The work of the marriage and family therapist is to guide the couple through a process that helps them understand their relationship to one another and to strengthen the ties between them. By working with couples, the marriage and family therapist helps them resolve their marriage and psychological issues in a manner that benefits them both.