Marriage Counseling

“My marriage counseling Idaho Falls”, a quick description of this online training. “Well Spring Counseling has been the community’s oldest independently owned mental health counseling organization. We provide highly interactive, customized, client-centered therapeutic treatment for adults and young people dealing with problems of fear, depression, stress, relationships (spouses, parent/child, coworkers, manager-subordinate, etc.) and addictions (which include substance abuse, gambling, internet addiction, self-destructive behavior). We believe we offer a unique blend of experiential, problem-solving and interpersonal counseling.

The goal of married couples marriage counseling Idaho Falls is simple: help distressed married couples to resolve their conflicts through productive dialog and communication. The trained counselors will help the clients to understand and analyze their relationship and work towards resolution of unresolved issues. “We believe that marriage training teaches individuals how to communicate and relate to each other,” says Karen Lora, executive director of the non-profit Idaho Health & Counseling Institute. “Counseling sessions can be very effective when they are used by married couples who are having a difficult time communicating or expressing their feelings.” Marriage counseling falls within the area of mental health and wellness, which is often referred to as a human need for connectedness and intimacy. Couples and professionals who seek marriage counseling fall into various categories, which include: single; divorced and separated; or dating and relationship seekers.

Marriage counseling Idaho Falls is designed around the concept of connecting with others in a meaningful way. The professional goal of the therapists is to create a environment where the clients can explore their emotional experiences and discover how they can move forward to improve their connection and, in turn, their life together. The professionals use a variety of techniques to help the couples. They use the “marriage assessment” process that probes both partners’ needs, interests and expectations and seeks to identify possible future obstacles to marital harmony. The “family therapy” approach identifies and addresses family dynamics such as children, siblings, extended families, spouse and parents. Marriage counselors also provide individual and group counseling sessions that are geared towards each couple’s unique needs.

The “marriage education” approach centers on helping the couples recognize and express their love for each other. Couples who have attended marriage counseling Idaho Falls will learn how to “talk to each other” using an expressive method that is natural and non-judgmental. The “life direction” coursework trains the couples to make informed decisions about their own personal happiness. Finally, in addition to individual and couple counseling sessions, the professionals offer classes, workshops and seminars on various aspects of marriage counseling. These seminars allow the couples to benefit from the professional knowledge and experience of marriage counselors and further develop their relationship.

As previously stated, marriage counseling Idaho Falls is provided by some of the nation’s best professionals. The professional goal of these counselors is to create a environment where the couples can explore their emotions and discover how they can work together to improve their relationship. The professional goal also includes offering education to individuals on emotional issues, life direction and healthy relationships. In addition to the classes, workshops and seminars, the professionals will also help the couples to develop individual counseling sessions. This will allow the couples to receive individualized attention and to work on their own problem areas.

For some couples, marriage counseling Idaho Falls is simply not enough. The professionals may recommend other measures be taken. In this case, the professionals will provide referrals to therapists who specialize in family and relationship counseling. In some cases, the couple may be referred to an individual therapist who specializes in marriage counseling. Whatever course of action is taken, couples that wish to resolve their conflicts and who want to strengthen their relationship are urged to schedule counseling sessions with a marriage counselor in Idaho Falls.