Marriage Counseling at the Church of the Highlands

church of the highlands marriage counseling

The church of the Highlands has many options for marriage counseling. There are classes for couples facing divorce and pre-marital counseling for engaged couples. You can choose a program based on the needs of you and your spouse. Or, you can work with a professional counselor. The church’s DivorceCare program is for those who have been through a divorce and are seeking professional help. A video and discussion session follow each class, and a guidebook is included in the package.


DivorceCare at the Church of the Highlands is a turnkey program for churches and other organizations looking to provide divorce and separation counseling to their members. The DivorceCare kit provides everything needed to host a 13-week support group, including ongoing free ministry coaching. This program has been in operation for 25 years and served over one million people. Most participants are not active in their church but are seeking spiritual guidance.

Through weekly seminars and support groups, DivorceCare helps people cope with the emotional and spiritual pain of divorce. This group consists of caring, supportive individuals who help people through difficult experiences. The DivorceCare video series has helped more than one million individuals cope with the pain of separation. The group also provides educational material to help individuals learn how to communicate with each other after separation. DivorceCare is a good option for people who want to be more open and honest in their lives.

Before You Divorce equips people to see the painful effects of divorce. Couples learn that divorce is often worse than the marriage problems they are facing. While this video is not marriage counseling, it features a biblical approach to marriage restoration and a facilitator’s guide. It is free to use and can be used by anyone who wants to help keep a couple together. DivorceCare at the Church of the Highlands marriage counseling provides both premarital and postmarital counseling to engaged couples.

In addition to counseling, the DivorceCare ministry is also a great source of healing and hope. Participants do not have to pay for the workbooks up front; instead, they can purchase them online and receive the participant guides at home. Although DivorceCare does require a kit to be purchased, the registration fee helps cover the cost. It also allows churches to reimburse the cost of the kits.


Re/Engage marriage counseling at the Church of the Highlands is part of a growing movement that focuses on creating a healthy community of couples. Couples can find relief from their pain by seeking counseling, and the program allows church members to serve the community in a meaningful way. Couples are also positioned for success by volunteering for the program. This partnership with the church has resulted in hundreds of couples re-engaged.

Re/Engage marriage counseling at the Church of the Highlands is for married couples who are struggling in their marriage. It is a Christian environment where couples can come to an understanding of the relationship and how to make it work for them. The program has helped many couples recover their relationship, even if it had suffered from infidelity, apathy, conflict, and divorce. It is held every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Pre-marital counseling

Whether you’re planning to tie the knot in the fall, or you’re simply looking for pre-marital counseling, you’ve come to the right place. Highlands’ pre-marital counseling is taught by a marriage therapist and is designed to meet the needs of both the couple and the therapist. The session is 10 hours and involves a Prepare Assessment, which helps determine what to expect from the counseling sessions. You’ll also meet with a mentor couple and share their wisdom. Pre-marital counseling at Highlands is worth its weight in gold as it provides a certificate for twogether in Texas, which allows you to receive a discount on your marriage license.

You can book an appointment with a marriage counselor at any time and there is no additional charge. Most of these appointments are included in the cost of an obedience class. You can also take a pre-marital counseling class, which is designed to help couples create a dialogue early in the marriage. It encourages couples to discuss their hopes and fears, as well as areas of conflict. Ultimately, pre-marital counseling helps you make your marriage a joyful experience.

Gregg Medlyn

Pastoral Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Author, Gregg is a sought-after speaker at various events. Gregg is the founder of The Marriage and Family Group, PLLC. His approach to relationship-based counseling blends behavioral science with religious thought. He also provides leadership in church worship and education. A Texas Licensed Professional Counselor, Gregg holds multiple credentials and is a graduate of the University of Texas, San Antonio.