Marriage Counseling Course

Canton Mieu is one of the most recognized marriage counseling schools in Vietnam. It was founded by Thanak Mano, a Japanese chef who had also been married to a Vietnamese woman for 21 years. In the mid 1970’s Mano began to work with both US and Japanese personnel in Vietnam trying to help them adjust to life as an overseas serviceman. Mano developed his marriage counseling techniques based on what he observed in Vietnam. Many couples who complete his course end up having their marriages collapse; some even end up having divorce. Mano has since developed a reputation of being a great marriage counselor and has been invited to teach at various marriage counseling programs around the world including UK, Australia, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Tokyo.

The course is designed to provide both partners in marriage with the tools they need to work on issues that may be causing friction between them and improve their relationship. It will not deal with the more serious problems like infidelity but will provide simple guidelines that can be used to correct minor misunderstandings and create an atmosphere of trust that is essential for any marriage. One of the highlights of this particular marriage counseling course is that it covers the history of the institution of marriage. As well as the rules and roles associated with marriage, it will explore the psychological aspects that may cause a marriage to fail.

The course can be an enjoyable experience for couples who have been married for years or those who are still married and are uncertain about how their relationship is working. As well as helping you understand your spouse and help develop communication skills, the course will show you how to build a successful marriage and avoid the common mistakes that prevent many couples from leading a successful life together. By the end of the six week course both partners should be feeling relaxed and comfortable with each other and have formed a strong foundation for a life of togetherness. The marriage counselor will also help introduce the couple to the resources that are available through the school including group reflections and individual counseling.

Prior to starting the marriage counseling course, both partners should agree on what they wish to achieve from the sessions. If possible both should agree to commit to attending the sessions and should ensure that this is communicated clearly to the marriage counseling expert before the start of the course. Both should then read through the assigned readings and discuss the topics in depth with their marriage counselor. It is essential that all aspects of the marriage counseling sessions are covered with the marriage counselor such as family life, financial, life goals and expectations and communication skills. Reading over the assignments and discussing the topics with the marriage counselor will help both individuals understand where they are currently at in their relationship.

The goal of the marriage counseling course is to help you identify and understand your marital problems and improve upon them. Both partners should be open to criticism and willing to listen to the marriage counselor. If the marriage counselor does not have enough faith in one of the spouses, it may be necessary to consider another therapist. The marriage counseling course should only last for a few hours and should not involve any homework assignments. It is recommended that couples begin working through their problems through these early stages and then progress to working on issues at a more gradual pace.

Most marriage counseling courses are not successful if the partners are not willing to make changes to their marriage. However, by learning how to communicate effectively with each other and how to keep the lines of communication open, many marriages can be saved. The Canton Miu marriage counseling course should be taken only after an honest and open discussion between both partners. Although it is possible to save a failing marriage, the success rate is much higher when both parties are willing to try.