Marriage Counseling Fort Worth – Listening To The Old Ones

When the marriage of Fort Mills, Michigan resident Lisa Quitman and her husband George met in their mid-twenties, they didn’t immediately think that marriage counseling would be something they might need. Ever since high school, Lisa had been a bit apprehensive about entering into matrimony, and even her parents had cautioned her against it, citing their own marriages as reasons for their hesitance. “I knew if I married George, things would definitely be different,” she said. “We have always had fun together as a family, and we planned to marry when we were still quite young.” But for all of the years that they wed, and especially for the months that George quit his job so that they could both pursue careers full time, they never considered having any kind of marriage counseling.

Then, one day, George called from his job to tell Lisa that he had some bad news: He was going to be moving back to Fort Mills with his wife in tow, and he wanted her to meet him at their new home. Lisa was surprised, but then again, she also knew that this sort of thing wasn’t really common in her own situation, given the kind of marriage that they had. Still, she was willing to go. George invited her over to his house that weekend for dinner, and asked her to be there should anything strange happen. He assured her of his love for her, and of his commitment to her as a wife and mother, and then he asked her to sign a slip which said that if anything were to happen to the two of them, that they were mutually obligated to seek professional help from an online christian marriage counseling courses in Michigan.

Lisa hadn’t even considered what that phrase meant, and when she and George got together to discuss it, she thought it would be like comparing Fort Mill to Hollywood. It wasn’t, after all, a phrase used by people who were just beginning to consider themselves married, or even those who were already done so. Still, it was reassuring to know that one of her best friends and her husband’s first choice for a marriage counselor was a man who had been married, and who could help them sort out their marital problems. So Lisa signed the slip, feeling secure that she and George were on the same page about their marriage counseling. They were.

The next weekend, Lisa and George met for breakfast. At the table, George mentioned that he’d just returned from his second year of marriage counseling, and that he felt really positive about the future of their marriage. Lisa was relieved that her father wouldn’t be forced to drag this out into another year of living in the same house, and that she and George would soon be able to start working on their relationship once again. She was also relieved to hear that her dad was happy to see her, even though he’d forgotten about the holiday season and all of his other usual duties. All of which were very much in play at this particular moment in time, since Lisa was starting the new year off in quite the down mood.

George and Lisa continued their talk over breakfast, and throughout the day they discussed their marriage counseling plans. George knew that if they were going to make a go of their marriage counseling, then they needed to find the best Christian marriage counseling in Fort Worth, Texas. So after he’d finished breakfast, he and Lisa went over to where The Irish Whiskey Hotel was located. Lisa’s heart skipped a beat when they heard the familiar song ” Dublin Heart” being played, since this was the first time that she’d heard one of her dad’s songs.

Walking toward the bar, they both felt a certain familiarity with the place. It was like Ireland, in some ways, yet not exactly on the edge of Ireland. Looking around, they could swear that the building was a piece of history itself. Inside, they could see two men sitting behind the bar drinking in silence. Sitting comfortably, they ordered a whiskey and a coffee, and soon they were conversing about the best marriage counselors in Fort Worth.