Marriage Counseling – How It’s Done in Lawrance

When LawrenceKS decided to start his own marriage counseling practice, he had no idea of the whirlwind of criticism that would greet him for the next few years. He knew some of his fellow attorneys were against marriage counseling and would advise him to steer clear of it altogether, but he was unphased by their opposition. So he opened up a practice in Phoenix and began a steady stream of new clients in the Phoenix area.

As his business flourished, Lawrence began to think of marriage counseling as his life’s work. So he pursued this goal diligently. He knew that helping couples on the brink of divorce could be very important to his friends in the Phoenix community and to himself.

A few months after opening his lawrance practice, a Phoenix billboard went up featuring the picture of a beautiful blond woman. In the upper left corner of the billboard was the name of LawrenceKS. In the right hand corner, beside the picture, was the word LKS. The billboard ran for about two weeks without any mention of Lawrence’s last name. Then, just before the special July 4th weekend, word got out about the Lawranceks.

The reaction from his Phoenix community was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was happy that Lawrence was being so self-operative. Some even accused him of being too self-absorbed to devote his time to marriage counseling. Still others said he did not go far enough. The biggest sticking point in his relationship with his community and his practice, however, was his attitude toward the negative press he endured because of the Phoenix billboard.

Though the Phoenix ad was seen as tasteless and insensitive by many in the lawrance community, Lawrence knew his good public image was riding on the story. He knew if he handled the negative media well, it would help solidify his commitment to offering marriage counseling services. The ad was viewed as a challenge to him to better himself and be an example to the people of Phoenix and surrounding areas. For someone who had been such a closed up private person his self-revelation could seem like a confidence builder.

Part of what made the advertisement so successful was the K Session’s ability to bring out the best in people. It showed how Lawrence saw himself as a good match for the other person in the marriage. People outside of the Phoenix area didn’t see his strengths. They saw his weaknesses. Through his ad, Lawrence hoped to offer people a new and honest vision of the man they could be with, if they were willing to accept him and work with him.

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