Marriage Counseling in Anchorage AK

Marriage counseling in Anchorage is available from a variety of sources. Many churches offer marriage seminars and workshops, as well as offering their own individual services for couples in need of marriage counseling. Some even offer their own services for children who are involved in a marriage-divorce conflict.

Another popular option for those seeking marriage counseling in Anchorage is the Internet. There are a number of websites that offer a wide variety of marriage counseling in Anchorage, as well as information about a wide range of other topics that are related to marriage. Some of the most popular of these websites include the Alaska Consumer Council, the Web site of the Family Research Council, and the Anchorage Daily News.

There are also some very good, not-for-profit marriage counseling in Anchorage options that may be worth investigating. The Family Counseling Services of Anchorage, Incorporated (FCSA) has been providing quality marriage counseling in the city for over twenty years. The organization partners with several different community partners, including the City of Anchorage and the South Puget Sound Business Improvement District. The FCSA provides its programs and services to a variety of different couples, many of whom would be unable to otherwise address these issues on their own. Counseling in Anchorage covers a variety of different aspects of marriage, including pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, and marriage and divorce support.

For example, the FCSA offers a pre-marriage counseling workshop for couples hoping to get married or trying to get a second marriage off the ground. This workshop is given by trained professionals who will spend time with each of the couples during the course of the workshop, answering questions, providing advice, and facilitating communication between the couple. Many times, this single session may be all it takes for a couple to decide that they wish to get married and begin a new relationship. Others may be told that more counseling or additional efforts may be necessary to ensure that their marriage works out.

In addition to the pre-marriage workshop, the FCSA also offers support groups specifically for people in marriage counseling. These support groups can be attended by the interested couple, the counselor, or anyone else who might be interested in learning more about marriage. The groups are held on a rotating basis, and those attending may contact the organization if they have specific questions. The organization is also ready to provide referrals to therapists or psychologists who might be able to help those struggling with marriage problems.

Although the FCSA is a not-for-profit organization, the couple who contacts them should be prepared to share personal information about themselves. This is because the counselors working with the couple are trained and certified to provide marriage counseling. No credit card is usually needed to participate in the program. If financial assistance is needed, however, applicants are encouraged to complete an application for assistance from the organization. There is often no cost for the application and the organization accepts applications only after the names of the couples have been verified.

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