Marriage Counseling in Burnsville, Minnesota

A marriage counselor can help a couple improve the communication between them. This way, they can better understand each other’s needs and desires. Couples can also learn how to respect each other’s values and desires, as well as become more accountable for their actions. During a session, a marriage counselor may also assign couples homework.

Marc and Kelly specialize in marriage counseling

Marc and Kelly specialize in marriage counseling in Burnville, Minnesota, specializing in helping couples improve their relationship. Whether you are experiencing a major fight or are contemplating a divorce, marriage counseling can help. They focus on communication, empathic listening, attachment, and differentiation. Their unique approach to marriage counseling is designed to work with both of you to improve your overall happiness.

They improve communication

When you need help improving your communication with your partner, marriage counseling in Burnsville, Minnesota can help. Counseling can improve trust and commitment, as well as improve communication. Couples who attend counseling sessions report greater confidence in their relationships and stronger communication skills. Jed and Claire Ross each have a background in marriage and family therapy, and Jed also enjoys reading, baking, and yoga. They offer telehealth services, as well as in-person sessions.

They help couples focus on themselves

Visiting a professional who specializes in couples counseling in Burnsville, Minnesota can be beneficial. Unlike general therapists, who focus on individual problems, couples counselors focus on the whole system of the couple. Using a variety of techniques, they are better equipped to help couples deal with issues related to sexuality and co-occurring disorders.

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