Marriage Counseling in Columbia, Tennessee

If you are in search of marriage counseling in Columbia, Tennessee, you can find a good counselor by researching different techniques and practitioners. A few of the most effective techniques for marriage counseling are discussed below. You can also check out some reviews of the various counselors in Columbia, Tennessee. For instance, you can learn more about Pat Hallworth and Elizabeth Pincus. They are both excellent options for your relationship. In addition, you can contact the counseling centers to find out if they offer free consultations.

Elizabeth Pincus

As a professional counselor, Elizabeth A. Pincus specializes in treating cognitive, behavioral, and emotional problems. She offers individual and group therapy and conducts research on advanced counseling techniques. She can also refer clients to other health care professionals, including physicians and psychiatrists, if needed. Her approach to therapy focuses on the mental guidance and treatment of emotional and addictive disorders. This article will provide some information on some of the benefits of seeing a professional counselor.

When looking for a marriage counselor in Columbia, Tennessee, make sure to check with Elizabeth A. Pincus about the availability of Medicare services. This provider does not participate in the Medicare program, but may still accept assignment for individual services. However, she will likely require full payment at the time of service. Therefore, you should be aware of this before booking an appointment with her. If you’re wondering if Elizabeth A. Pincus accepts Medicare, read on!

Pat Hallworth

Patricia W. Hallworth, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Columbia, Tennessee, specializes in treating emotional and mental disorders within relationships. She has over 30 years of experience in this field, including 15 years as the director of the Regional Intervention Program in Columbia. Pat earned her Bachelor’s degree in social work from Harding University, her Master’s degree in psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, and she also completed training as a Rule 31 Listed Mediator. Her areas of specialization include women’s issues, marriage counseling, parenting, and anxiety and depression.

Patricia W. Hallworth, MA is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Columbia, Tennessee. She offers couples counseling, marriage counseling, and other related services. Hallworth’s office is located at 854 West James Campbell Boulevard, Suite 201, and accepts most major insurance plans. You can check for fees and availability by calling or filling out the contact form provided. You may also inquire about low-cost counseling by contacting the city or university in Columbia.

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