Marriage Counseling in East Lansing, Michigan

marriage counseling east lansing mi

Couples who are experiencing a struggle with their relationship can turn to marriage counseling for help. There are several advantages to marriage counseling, including improved communication and the opportunity to tackle issues like jealousy, trust, and other relationship difficulties. A third party’s unbiased opinion can help couples work through these problems and regain their connection. Every couple goes through periods when things are strained, but marriage counseling can help them get back on track.

Center For Focused Marital

Center For Focused Marital in Eastlansing, Michigan is a marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling center. This company was established in 1948, and is listed in the Mental Health Specialists category. It is a business to consumer provider, and employs two people. You can contact Center For Focused Marital via the phone number or website. The center has been in business for over 21 years, and has helped hundreds of couples resolve their marital issues.

To reach a Family Counselor in East Lansing, Michigan, simply call Center For Focused Marital and ask for assistance. Their services cover residential, commercial, and industrial needs. You can also email them for more information about their services. Using Red Cedar Counseling for your needs is a safe environment for processing your emotions. Its counselors are highly trained and experienced in dealing with mental health issues.

Blair Psychology

Jonathan M. Blair, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist in East Lansing, Michigan. He offers a range of therapy options and accepts insurance plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and other providers. In addition to marriage counseling, Dr. Blair offers family therapy and relationship education. You can schedule an appointment online with Dr. Blair. You can also make an appointment via telehealth.

Providing counseling to both individuals and couples, Blair Psychology has been a trusted source for couples for over 40 years. The center has a mission of nonjudgmental treatment. Couples seeking counseling are welcome to discuss any issue regarding their relationship. All services are confidential and affordable. The staff is professional and experienced, and all appointments are confidential. If you’re considering marriage counseling in East Lansing, MI, contact Blair Psychology today to learn more.

Jonathan M. Blair, Ph.D., PC, is a highly rated clinical psychologist in East Lansing, Michigan. Unlike other professionals, he focuses on treating couples. His education and training in clinical psychology include assessments and treatment protocols for various mental disorders. He accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan insurance and is licensed to practice in Michigan. In addition, he has completed a certification in marriage counseling from the American Psychological Association.

Marriage counseling in East Lansing, Michigan can help couples heal and make amends for past mistakes. It can help you work out your differences and break down communication barriers. With a trained therapist, you and your partner can learn new techniques for talking to one another and coping with differences. You can even develop new communication techniques to avoid conflicts with your partner. The benefits of marriage counseling are many and far-reaching.

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