Marriage Counseling in Fairfax County

When considering marriage counseling in Hampton Roads, Virginia, couples should investigate the options available and be aware that no two marriage-counseling sessions are exactly alike. Counseling professionals will have their own style and approach to helping couples resolve their differences, and they won’t accept the same format or approach in any given session. Every marriage is different, and it’s important for couples to feel comfortable and know that the marriage counselor is fully committed to working with them. Here are a few key pieces of advice to consider when choosing a marriage-counseling professional in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

It may not be the best time to seek marriage-counseling, but there may be some issues or concerns that can wait until the marriage is more solidified. For instance, if the couple has been having marital problems for several months, they may not feel that the counselor can resolve their relationship problems with such speed. In that case, a more hands-on relationship style may be called for. A licensed marriage and family therapist can give the couple direct feedback and be an active part in helping them work through their problems. They may suggest that both people try new approaches, and see if they can move past the problem in a different way.

Before entering into marriage counseling, the couple should have decided what the marriage-counseling issues are, as well as what solutions they want to pursue. In many cases, that decision will be based on personal preferences, but a couple should come up with a strategy or course of action on their own. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to the individual or couple to try to resolve a complicated marriage problem all on their own. The best course of action is to consult with a professional in the field who has experience dealing with similar issues.

Many of the methods of marriage counseling will be similar, including both the tools used as well as the actions that the couple must take. There may be some differences in the type of advice that is given. A couple may decide to go down the path of marriage counseling by one counselor. Others prefer group sessions. This all depends on the couple and what they feel comfortable pursuing. Some couples may decide to go it alone and work through it on their own, while others may choose to use marriage counseling in a more formal setting such as a church or synagogue.

In many cases, marriage counseling is not covered by insurance. Couples who find that they simply do not have the resources to pursue such counseling may need to work extra hard to pay for it. In fact, marriage counseling can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. For some families, marriage counseling may be totally out of the question. In this case, both parties should aim to work toward a resolution of the problem by themselves.

There are no quick fixes in terms of marriage counseling. However, a couple may discover that they can work better as a couple if they spend some time working on the underlying issues surrounding the marriage. For many people, marriage counseling can be a great first step in improving a broken marriage.