Marriage Counseling in Lenoir, NC

A rather controversial form of marriage counseling, Lenoir NC divorce cases have made headlines and television news all over the country over the last several months. This may be for a number of reasons, but the most common are because of the high rates of divorce and the fact that it is one of the only “no fault” states in which it is possible to obtain a no-fault divorce. Even so, the trend in this area of the US for a low percentage of no fault cases when it comes to marriage counseling appears to be changing somewhat. The decrease in the divorce rate has been noted by many experts, who have noticed that it may be because of the lack of sensational news reports highlighting the dangers of divorce and the high cost of divorce. Others point to the increased availability of marriage counseling services.

There is much debate as to what causes or contributes to the relatively high rates of marriage counseling in Lenoir NC. Proponents of marriage counseling opine that it is an investment in a troubled marriage, since marriage counseling services can help avoid or significantly reduce the possibility of divorce. Many people also point out the fact that the state of North Carolina is one of the few places in the country where couples can receive marriage counseling without having to appear in court. However, opponents argue that marriage counseling represents a form of marriage license for infidelity, which may allow irresponsible or unlicensed therapists to give potentially harmful advice to clients.

In terms of location, Lenoir NC marriage counselors are located in the eastern part of the state, whereas several marriage counseling services are found in the coastal areas of Outer Banks and Jacksonville. Those in need of assistance from marriage counselors in Lenoir should make inquiries on their local listings or by searching the Internet for marriage counselors in that area. A good example of a website that offers information about marriage counseling services is “North Carolina Marriage Counseling.” This site provides contact information for marriage counselors in the state. All counselors listed on this site are qualified by the National Association of Marriage Counselors (NAMAC), to provide marriage counseling.

Another source of information regarding marriage counseling in Lenoir is the “Commissioners of Wedding and Family Services of Lenoir,” which maintain a list of licensed marriage and family counselors. The “commissioners of Wedding and Family Services” office has separate Web sites for residents and companies. Both of these sites provide detailed information on the services provided by marriage and family counselors in Lenoir. The county offices of the circuit courts in Lenoir are responsible for approving marriage licenses. Anyone interested in obtaining marriage licenses in Lenoir should contact either of the two offices for more information.

Those who are not registered with the state should seek out the recommendations of local directories that maintain lists of licensed marriage and family counselors. These directories usually provide contact information for marriage counselors in the area, along with their professional background and experiences. Another useful method of finding marriage counseling services is through word of mouth. Several local churches, synagogues, or other organizations may be able to refer potential clients to qualified professionals.

Because marriage counseling is considered a professional service, it is often required that those wishing to receive marriage counseling must obtain pre-approval from the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services. Anyone wishing to become a marriage counselor in Lenoir is required to meet a minimum education and experience standards set by the state. Prior, to obtaining pre-approval, potential clients should also be advised that marriage counselors offer a free initial consultation. Marriage counselors offer their services in a number of different settings including hospitals, schools, and correctional facilities. Anyone seeking additional information about marriage counseling in Lenoir is encouraged to speak with the county offices of the circuit courts, or a local professional directory.