Marriage Counseling in Lombard IL

Lombard and Il is a leading Chicago marriage counseling service which deals with over ninety percent success rate. According to the statistics, it has been found that twelvemonth marriages end in divorce due to differences. In fact, the statistics have also shown that thirty-five percent of all marriages end in divorce because of differences like financial problems, and such other differences. To ensure that marriages do not end in divorce due to differences, the best course of action is to seek help from an experienced marriage counselor. The marriage counseling service offers many trained counselors to serve you.

How do you define marriage? For most people, marriage is a lifelong union of two individuals who enter into a contract of matrimony based on love, trust, respect and mutual understanding. But what percentage of marriages actually last for a period of ten years or more? Some people would say that only two out of three marriages will last for ten years or more. Although this may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that marriage counseling can help you avoid a divorce.

Some people would say that a marriage is a unique commitment that differs from a conventional relationship. But what exactly is the difference between marriage and conventional relationships? Conventional relationships are those where the couple remains together for a long period of time and does not divorce. On the other hand, marriages end as a result of differences, separation, breaking up and sometimes even cheating. But it would be wrong to assume that every marriage will end in divorce; marriage counseling professionals say that thirty-two out of seventy-six marriages end in divorce.

A marriage is a commitment made by both married persons. It is supposed to last for a certain amount of time, regardless of how long the couple wishes to stay together. It is important for the married couple to understand their relationship well before making a marriage contract. It is very difficult for a married person to change himself or herself if they have grown apart or if their emotions have changed. It takes a lot of effort to repair a broken relationship.

The statistics say that forty-nine percent of all marriages end in divorce. Of course this figure has to do with different types of divorces. Divorce that results from irreconcilable differences is a very high percentage. When a married person and his/her spouse have a difference of opinion that leads to a divorce, then most of the time both of them end up unhappy with the result. Most of the marriages that do not end in divorce have at least one of the partners living with the other.

But there are also cases when marriages end because the married person who wanted to stay with his/her partner decides that it is no longer worth staying with them. The decision that a married person makes may have something to do with how they feel about themselves or their family relationship. If a married person who still loves his/her partner decides that they do not want to stay with him/her anymore, it can be because of work issues or child raising issues. One may also be happy with their career and be able to divorce peacefully.